In this Update:  Work;  Maintenance; Fix it

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Punching in on the NAE time clock this Saturday:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Sean Rondestvedt, Andrew Kirk, Trish Wood,  Don Mitchell, Corey Mitchell, Britney Freer, Von Armstrong


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With the huge S&S Turbine Services turbojet engine out of the Eagle and on its cart, the time is right for some close inspection. Ed, Les and Sean went to work inspecting , cleaning and lubing vital parts.


Desert grime everywhere on everything.  Britney tackled a box full of David Clark headsets.  Those and the communication lines were uncoiled, cleaned up, and recoiled.  Britney served an internship with the team during her senior year in high school.  Her education continues in college, pursuing a degree in engineering.  The North American Eagle™ project serves the community by our promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) whenever we can.

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Keith connecting brake system hydraulic lines and portable pump in order to activate the magnetic brake rotors


Corey and Trish were busy revving up engines on various cars in the vehicle storage area.  The LeMay Family Collection keeps many of their cars in our hangar.  From time to time the team starts them up and keeps the batteries charged.


Lars doing some maintenance and painting on ground equipment


Lunch time break was a time for Ed to brief the team.  Next week we will be off for Thanksgiving, then back at it getting the engine re-installed in the coming weeks.