Steve Wallace

When Steve Wallace was recruited in 2004 by Keith Zanghi at Boeing he thought he would be on a three journey!  Fifteen years later (2019) he is still going strong and the drive is like the first day.  Steve leads up our data acquisition and onboard electrical systems.  He is an Engineer working at Boeing Phantom Works during the week.  Recently he has been lending his talents to the certification of the new KC46 Tanker (767 Airframe).  In addition he is the shop custodian for many of the Boeing Companies BAC Specifications.  One of those is on Titanium.  He also sits on the Standards Board for ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).  Steve has his General HAM Radio License.  Steve is an excellent public speaker and traveled to Las Vegas, Seattle, Austin, Pomona, Anaheim  and Paris France to deliver the Eagle message.  He is also an expert on Dassault Systemes CATIA Software.

For the Eagle he has developed the National Instruments data  acquisition system and onboard electrical system.  He ties everything together from the Topcon GNSS (Global Navigation System), ABB Tropos Broadband Network, onboard computers, and makes sure everything talks to each other.  It is Steve that is the first to know how fast Jessi Combs ran on her last run.

You can usually find multiple laptops in front of Steve

Gathering GNSS coordinates at Diamond Valley Lakebed February 2018

Getting computers to talk to each other


Steve’s grandson never stops growing!

Measuring air flow on static air pressure port

Steve is a public speaker. Here at NIWeek in Austin TX