Lars Pedersen master machinist

Lars Pedersen is a master machinist having spent over 30 years at Longview Fiber.  He can run any kind of balancer, lathe, milling machine or surface grinder.  It was at Longview Fiber where he learned the art of balancing.  Gigantic steel rolls used to make paper and cardboard can be up to 4 feet in diameter and over 20 feet long.  They have to be perfectly balance or they won’t work. Today Lars can balance anything using his vast knowledge, a pencil and a machinist handbook.  Need to balance a crankshaft for at Top Fuel Dragster, call Lars!  He can balance anything!

When he first started on the team Ed asked him what he could do and looking around the shop he said “first off I can sharpen all those dull drills!”  We haven’t had a dull drill since!

Lars is one of those guys who on Saturday will hear of a problem and return the following weekend with a piece of equipment or part to fix the problem.  Whenever a bolt breaks or a hole needs some threads…call Lars.  Lars travels with the team to many of our public events like Microsoft Ignite in Chicago and SEMA in Las Vegas.  For several years now he has been traveling to Bonneville and El Mirage to help fellow team members run their vehicles.

Lars has a great personality and makes friends easily.  He is a true asset to the team.


Lars mounting the mounts for the Buggy Whip® LED Antenna’s

Verifying bearing tolerance with Ed Shadle

Sammy helps Lars with just about every task!


Lars invented a device to functionally test our electrical generators

Lars does a lot of traveling with the team.  Here at SEMA 2018

Helping Eric Wittler at El Mirage

Backup Limo Driver!