Chris Greene at Bonneville 2017

We met him at the Tacoma Dome Motorsports show when he was 14 years old.  Talking to the team he found out we were only a 1/4 mile from his house.  He started riding his BMX bike to the hangar and didn’t miss a single weekend for five years!  He likes to race motocross and road racing motorcycles.  In 2018 he bought a Midget and started tearing up the tracks on the West Coast.

On the team he did an internship with the late Ed Drumheller II and is now in charge of parachutes.  During the week he works on custom hot rods that have won at SEMA and featured on Barrett Jackson’s Auctions.  At the races you can find Chris assembling the car when we first arrive, then packing the parachutes for Jessi Combs.  When Rich Pengelley moved to Oregon, Chris took over the start cart duties.  So this young man has a key role in the start up of the car and stopping it.

Chris packing parachutes on the lakebed

Getting the car ready to run at Alvord

Packing bearings at Alvord

Chris with his dad Tad

Chris is in charge of packing and maintaining all of our parachutes

Parachutes drying in the shop

Chris is pin striping a car at SEMA

Packing parachutes


Chris Greene’s Ford Focus Midget Racer

Chris operates the M32-60B Start Cart


Chris does a lot of shows with the Eagle.  GNRS 2014 with the late George Barris

We once loss Chris for four hours at SEMA 2014

With Danny Thompson