The North American Eagle project began as nothing more than an idea. It became the love and passion of two people, Ed and Keith. And they in turn have inspired countless people to believe that such a dream is possible. That dream, as crazy as it may have seemed, is what really defines the Pioneering Spirit behind this project. It’s a spirit of going to new places, meeting new people, and doing things that have never been done.

When all of this started, it really was nothing more than a few guys in a garage, scraping paint and shaping sheets of metal. Every step of putting the vehicle together has made the dream just a little more real. That dream, in the beginning, lacked the details that were necessary for it to really take shape. But every step on this road, every piece of technology, has given new definition towards what we’ve been trying to achieve.

Not only has the car been built into a marvel of engineering, but so has the team itself. Over the years, people have come and gone, but that same spirit has always been there. These are all people that joined because they were amazed by the car, but stayed because they were inspired to be a part of something truly special. And each and every one of these people have contributed something unique. They’ve made the dream a little more real, simply because they believed.

The road that we’ve been on for so long has never been an easy one. There were mounting problems, even from the very start, that should have brought this entire dream to a halt. But for every bump in the road, the team has stood right back up, ready to keep going forward. It isn’t because this dream has been free of heartbreak or disaster that it’s continued, but in spite of it. The truth is that while most of what has been written about this project has been about the car, this has always been a story of people. It’s a story of people who have come together, despite all of the odds, to build something amazing.

It would never have been possible to have seen every bump in the road from the start, but that didn’t matter. The simple belief that it could be done, was all that really mattered. It powered a dream, that has slowly been shaped into a reality. This story is nothing but a small piece of everything that has happened over the last few years. Maybe the best part of it though, is that it’s still being written. None of us know exactly what the end of this story will be, but we know where it’s going. Join us, as we write the final chapter of this story, and set the World Land Speed Record.


Special Thanks To:
Von Armstrong, North American Eagle
Steve Clayton, Microsoft
Aimee Riordan, Microsoft
Ed Shadle, North American Eagle
Keith Zanghi, North American Eagle
Jessi Combs, North American Eagle
Alana McIsaac
Michael Plunkett – Photography
Eric Wittler – Photography