To all the Fans of the North American Eagle,

I would like to thank all of you for your incredible support in getting to St. Louis.

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My name is Brandyn Bayes, and as you may remember, I was chosen back in March as one of the two 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition Seattle Regional Dean’s List Finalists.  I was one of the 150 Dean’s List Finalists that were chosen from an estimated 50,000 students involved in FIRST Robotics Competition in the United States!  That alone was an incredible honor.  And thanks to the support of so many people, I was able to travel to St. Louis for the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship!

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I would personally like to thank all of the fans of the North American Eagle and especially those who donated money to help me to travel to St. Louis.  I have been absolutely amazed by the unprecedented supported that I have received.  Without all of your support, this likely would not have been at all possible.  In particular, I would like to recognize the two Leaders within the North American Eagle team that really helped to get this started.  Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi are two incredibly remarkable people, that have taught me that no dream is too small; and that if you can believe in it, than you can make it become a reality.  It is because of them that I dream a little bit bigger every day.

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Not only have I received incredible support from the North American Eagle team, but also from the Bethel School District and Pacific Integrated Handling.  I truly appreciate the momentous support that everyone has given, which made my trip possible.

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While I did not become one of the Dean’s List Winners, I got to meet and talk with people from companies such as NASA, PTC, and Autodesk about Robotics and Engineering.  It was really interesting to get to talk to the people that really are leading the way in all of these different fields!  I have included some of the photos that I took from throughout the trip, to give you an idea of the incredible experience that I had.

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Again, I would just like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to travel to St. Louis.  While I could not recognize everyone who contributed in this post, for there are just so many people who have pitched in to help, I would like you to know that you have made a difference in my life, and that the trip meant more to me than any award.

Brandyn Bayes
Director of IT & Social Media, North American Eagle