In this Update:  Steering; Parachutes; Planning; New Team Member and an upcoming event in Florida

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As the smoke clears from all the forest fires, Team NAE went back to work after time off last weekend for Labor Day:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Ken Broyles, Von Armstrong, Dave Martinson, Cory Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Trisha Wood, Chris Greene, Andrew Kirk, Rich Pengelley and Omar Chramosta.

Upcoming Events

Team North American Eagle® is excited to announce we will be participating in the 2017 Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE.  Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi will be presenting Challenging The World Land Speed Record and how we intend to use 3DEXPERIENCE to bring the record back to North America.  Click on the photo above and read more about the upcoming event.

Jose Varela

Visiting today was Jose Varela, a friend and co-worker of  Dave Martinson at Art Morrison Enterprises.  Eric McClain also showed up and had us laughing our heinies off with his various trip encounters.

New team member Andy Ro

Rich Pengelley stopped by the hangar


Les showed Rich some of the new changes over the winter

Brandyn Bayes, Keith Zanghi, Trish Wood and Ed Shadle

Lots of activity today.  Les, Ken, Steve and Lars ran the steering system through some thorough functional tests; everything worked flawlessly.  This week we welcome a new team member Andy Ro.  Andy is an expert with Dassault Systèmes CATIA design software.  He will be working closely with Don Mitchell developing and refining our engineering models using 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systemes.  Welcome aboard Andy!

Brandyn Bayes was in town and stopped by to see the team.  Brandyn was responsible for building the current website and developing our Social Network.  Although not officially on the team, Brandyn helps us out from time to time with website issues.



David Martinson and Chris Greene pack parachutes in the left photo above

Keith making improvements to mid-wheel fairings

Ken Broyles helping with functional tests

This week we are covering activities that took place on September 9th and 16th.  Steve Rima tested and mounted a new power filter that cancels out some “noise interference”in the electronics system.  Keith and Andrew continued work to assure a precise fit for the mid-wheel belly pan.


Lars Pedersen, Trish Wood, David Martinson and Ken Broyles

Chris and Trish inspected and packed parachutes with a little help from their friends at times.  Ed worked on the parachute cord attachment and photo filed how it all fits together.  The team button up many of the panels in preparation for our upcoming test sessions.


Andrew and Cory help Ed load the trailer

The overhead crane in the trailer was put through its paces as the team loaded axles and equipment from the shop.

Four Generations!

Jacob and Great Grandpa Von


Jacob 2017, Jacob 2010

Four generations were at the hangar this weekend.  Jacob’s Grandfather (Steve Wallace) and Great Grandfather (Von Armstrong) were mentoring the young lad.  Jacob has been visiting the Eagle his whole life.  In the photo above Von was teaching Jacob how to use a tape measure and square.  Jacob has a bright future ahead of himself!

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