In this update: Lawnmower Guy makes a surprise visit to the hangar.  Preparations continue for upcoming test session.

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Today Ed Shadle, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, John Drury, Lars Pedersen, Chris Greene, Keith Zanghi, Eric Wittler and Cody Carlyle were on hand for  a full day of work at the North American Eagle™ hangar.


Tim Tyre and Keith Zanghi

Visiting this weekend was a former co-worker of Keith’s from Boeing, Tim Tyre.  Tim is a USAF veteran who used to work with Omar Chramosta.

KBTC Screenshot

On September 23, 2016 the North American Eagle™ will be featured on the local PBS Affiliate, KBTC-TV.  The show is called Northwest Now and will air at 7:30 pm.  Click on the photo above and see  promo video.


Chris Greene and Andrew Kirk

DSCN9072  DSCN9071

Andrew Kirk , Cory Mitchell and Chris Greene installed brackets for our new lights.  Keith, Eric Wittler and Cody “Lawnmower Guy” Carlyle welded up the overhead light extensions.  Ed, Eric and Cody drove over to Spanaway Airport and returned with a trailer load of equipment to be packed up for the upcoming test session.  Thanks to Lawnmower Guy for the use of his trailer!  Lars Pedersen spent most of the day driving around Pierce County picking up parts!  Sorry Lars.


John Drury, Cody “Lawnmower Guy” Carlyle, Eric Witter, Bonnie, Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle

DSCN9078  DSCN9075

DSCN9074  DSCN9087

DSCN9094  DSCN9080


Eric Wittler at Bonneville 2016


Eric Wittler and Lawnmower Guy