In this update: Trailer loading; Equipment checks; Making ready for the road to Alvord; and Unlimited Hydroplanes.

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 A nice turnout on a beautiful sunny Saturday:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Steve Wallace, Corey and Don Mitchell, Steve Green, Eric Helpenstell, Von Armstrong, John Drury.   Sean Rondestvedt and son Ethan stopped in to see the happenings.


Ethan has a girlfriend

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Special guest today was Ethan.  He helped us around the shop, sweeping and operating the floor jack.  Along the way he ran into his future girlfriend!


Lars, John, Les, Ed and Greg Hopp with his wife Laura

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Keith & Greg

Also visiting the shop today was hydroplane driver Gregg Hopp and his wife Laura.  Earlier in the day he was driving a 5 Liter boat at a race on nearby Lake Spanaway.  Greg builds all the wings for the 767 program at Boeing, where the two met.  Greg has driven every kind of hydro including the unlimited class.  His father, Jerry Hopp is a well known unlimited driver.  Later this year Greg will be going after the straight away record for Grand Prix Boats.  At Seattle Seafair this year, Greg won the Grand Prix class.


Equipment wise, Hydroplane Racing is almost as needy as Land Speed Racing

When the North American Eagle™ goes anywhere it is a major happening.  This day saw a lot of activity in and out of the hangar.  Steve Green, down from Canada, pointed out some needed repairs to his trailer.  Lars and Corey got busy on that.

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Les and John Loading up

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Les and John planned the loading of the trailers; what went where and how to get it in there.  It is nice to have everything loaded for balance and easily accessible when comes time to unload or use it in place.  Special thanks to Small & Sons Oil for lending us one of their trucks. The additional transport space makes loading much easier.

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Our new Boeing retiree, Keith Zanghi has been fabricating a new portable light array that will hang from the big trailer and flood the work area with bright lights.

Eagle coming to PBS

KBTC Screenshot

On September 23, 2016 the North American Eagle™ will be featured on the local PBS Affiliate, KBTC-TV.  The show is called Northwest Now and will air at 7:30 pm.  Click on the photo above and see  promo video.