In this update: NAE heads to Chicago to attend  IMTS.  Preparations continue for a fall test session.

Todays Featured Sponsors 

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Our work party this Saturday: Keith Zanghi, Sean Rondestvedt, Tom Tiede, Von Armstrong, Bill Eckberg, Don Mitchell, Steve Wallace, Larry and Rob Martinson, John Drury, Brandyn Bayes and his dad, Doug.

Team members offered up a big round of congratulations to Bill Eckberg.  He has been hard at it for the past couple of years working his full time job on the Boeing flight lines while earning  double Associate of Science degrees: Computer Drafting and Design and Electrical and Electronics Technician.  He’ll be walking down that graduation aisle next week.



Brandyn shows the team a preview of the new website coming soon





Bill, Keith and Sean discuss camera mount locations


 The on-board camera system had some new mounting brackets fashioned, drilled, and attached to the rear axle.  Wiring circuits were sorted out to multiple camera locations.




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 With our test runs just over the horizon, Steve looked at some of the range equipment; including the three antennae assemblies that will be placed down range at 2 mile intervals; and at the windmill powered generator that will keep the batteries charged for the data acquisition system.  While he was at it he sorted through the wires bundle,  tracing circuitry to the camera locations




Steve took inventory of our Tropos Networks antennaes and routers




120908j 120908g


More time was spent today in modifying the compartment doors for the mid wheels.  Each little change has a domino effect that requires additional work on both doors and latching mechanisms.

Toward the end of the day, Ed and Keith led a team briefing and discussion on the status of our upcoming speed test runs;  and the logistics and costs involved in supporting the team and equipment for several days in the remote and challenging environment of the Alvord Desert.  Team NAE is very grateful to our sponsors, and ever hopeful that other corporations will step up with the financial support that  will help us reach our goal of setting a new world landspeed record.


International Manufacturing  Technology Show September 10-15

Team North American Eagle™ will be at the IMTS 2012 in Chicago IL.  Ed, Keith, and Steve Green will be appearing in the Geomagic Software and IMS Software booths during the show. It runs from September 10th through the 15th.  Below is IMS Software Booth prior to shipping to Chicago.  Along with our 7 foot model and 55 inch LED screens blasting out NAE video;  the three will be on-hand to sign autographs and answer questions.


IMS Software Display prior to shipment to Chicago

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  Corey Mayeda and Eric Young from Geomagic                       Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic               

New iOS App

Android smart phone users have been using the NAE™ App for several months.  Now iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download the free app!  Read all the updates, and view photos and video from your smart phone.

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New Lenovo Video

Lenovo recently released a new video featuring the North American Eagle™ .  The NAE™  scenes were edited by Steve Wallace. Team NAE™  uses Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad for aerodynamic and engineering analysis.  Click on the photo below and watch this exciting video!

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Lenovo Video

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Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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