In this update: Planning for Alvord; Pre loading checklist; Car and trailer maintenence; More new shoes for the motor home; Commo and data checks

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Showing up to labor on this Labor Day weekend: Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Les Holm, Jason Mitchell, Von Armstrong, John Drury, Steve Wallace, Sean Rondestvedt and his little man Ethan, Keith Zanghi,Chris Greene, Omar Chramosta

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A very interested visitor contacted Ed during the week and came by today to be introduced to the team.  Dave Matyjasik is active in land speed racing back east.  He and his wife recently moved to the area and are currently living in Seattle.  Dave has built up his own race car and is experienced and hands on in racing venues.  Ed gave him a tour around our Eagle and then put him to work. 

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It takes a massive planning effort to bring together a racing session in the desert.  Ed, Keith and Les have been hard at it for weeks. Getting the car race ready is the top priority.  All systems have to be go.  Then the logistics involved in scheduling our all volunteer team members, transporting the team, the car and all of its equipment into the middle of nowhere on a remote desert lakebed, and then providing food and housing (read primative) for everyone during an extended stay. Not easy at all. No motels in the area to leave a light on for us.  Ed led the team this morning in a briefing and round table discussion about the trip and what the expectations are for what  is going to be a challenging time on the playa. We had a tele conference with team member Eric Wittler, who is coming through big time with some needed supplies and equipment.  

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Today the team was all out in trip preparation.  The semi trailer was cleaned up and equipment organized for loading.  John Drury checked over the trailer and replaced some dead tail lights.  A bracket was finished up and mounted on the trailer front to hold a spare tire. Keith drove the motor home to a tire shop and had 3 new tires put on.  

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Ed and the two Steves worked on communication sets and data acquisition systems.  Jason and Les got into topside fuselage panels and checked out hydraulics and the on board water cooling tank.  Keith put the belly panel for the mid wheels back in place, also looking to install mud guard panel for the nose wheel. Les finished up building a packing crate for the rear axle fairings and tucked them away in bubble wrap protection.

Next weekend will be load and lock time as we fill up the semi trailer with equipment and 6 plus tons of North American Eagle.

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