Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Labor day team meeting; Endevco Meggitt sensor wires are routed: New website on the way: Mid-wheel doors ready to accept fairings.

With the one week of summer upon the Pacific Northwest, families across the Puget Sound area scrambled to put together their annual family reunions. Ed Shadle, along with cousins and NAE™ Team members Rob and Larry Martinson headed to Eastern Washington for their annual Shadle / Martinson Family reunion on the old reservation.

Small talk

Team NAE™ turned out in good fashion this Labor Day 2011.  Today was opted as a volunteer work day since our test session advance party had just returned from a California meeting late Saturday. Joining the labor party today were Chris Greene, Tom Tiede, Steve Wallace, Von Armstrong, Russell Garlow, Jon Higley, Cameron and Rachel Shadle, Ed Shadle, John Mittleider, Brandyn and Doug Bayes, John Winchester, Larry Martinson and guest Lisa, Mike Thoe, and Eric Helpenstell.

Keith & Ed talk to the team
Steve working

Keith and Ed had a planning session on the agenda today and a list of items were discussed pertaining to our upcoming mid-speed test runs next month. What must all come together before hand is a logistical challenge; personnel availability and assignments, scheduling days and times, equipment and transportation needs and a myriad other details that must be addressed.  The race for a new world landspeed record is no easy endeavor.

Cameron & Steve

Steve and Cam Shadle worked at positioning our new Endevco Meggitt pressure sensors that are designed to measure and record pressures exerted on the fuselage as the vehicle approaches the sound barrier speed.

John & Keith
John & Keith

The mid wheel assembly fairings have been machined and conformed to optimum shape. Considerations are now being made as to how best to locate and attach them to the undercarriage.

Ed continues to track down and do in the elusive start cart gremlin that is robbing the cart of the volume of necessary air flow needed to spin up the turbines.  He is also doing some fine tuning of the steering system hydraulics and linkages. All while wearing his brand new, lifetime 200 mph red hat. He joined that exclusive club by setting a new speed record of 276 mph recently during Bonneville speed week.

L to R: Brandyn, Rachel & Jon

Our newest young intern, Brandyn Bayes, is wiser far beyond his years in things relating to computer systems, web site design and layout; what and how things generally work toward putting a brand new NAE webpage in service.  Today he met with our two principal web page members, Jon Higley and Rachel Shadle, showing them where we are and where we will be going. Soon, along with Patricia Wood, they will be making us look really good when you join us on line at  Stay tuned in for that!

Attention 800 Club Members!

For those of you who are 800 Club members, this paragraph is important for you during this transition process for our new site. Recently, Jon Higley sent out a message to all subscribers of our newsletter. In it he notified members that with the changes that are coming to our project’s web site, he’s requesting those who wish to continue receiving the newsletter to send him a message with the words “Still Interested” in the subject line of the email; you don’t need to say anything in the body of the message, but can if you wish. Sending this message is easily done by going to the bottom of any page on the site and clicking on the “webmaster” link. So, if you did not receive this message, or wish to be added to the list of subscribers and want to be included in the future, send him an email.

During the recent trip south

Ed w/ friends Dave & Dan

Dave Stephenson, Ed and Air Cam Owner Dan

Steve in Dan's aircraft
The aircraft

Over the weekend Ed, Steve Wallace, Darren Grove and Keith traveled to Corona CA to work out details on our upcoming test session.  While there the team met with NAE supporter Dave Stephenson. Dave has attended all of the team’s test sessions and sometimes pilots for Dan Wolfe ofWolfe Air Aviation.  On this day he took the four around the Corona Airport for a little sight seeing flight.