Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this update: Mid-Wheel fairings: Start Cart tuned up: Endevco and Embassy International visit the Eagle.

A big turnout of team NAE™ members today as our jet car (former USAF Tail # 56-0763 F-104 Starfighter jet plane) is being readied for mid-range speed runs in November. Once the fastest airplane in the world, the North American Eagle™ continues on its quest to setting a new world speed record on land.  Present today:  Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, John Drury, Bernard McVay, Sean Rondestvedt, Rob Martinson, Larry Martinson, Chris Greene, Dave Selby and friend, Jason, Von Armstrong, Jon Higley, Corey Dawson,  and Omar Chramosta.  Visitors this week were Chris’s parents Angie and Tad.

Ed watches while Keith works on mid-wheel skirts
Bernard welds
Keith watches Bernard weld
Bernard & Keith

Visiting the hangar was Molly Bakewell Chamberlin. Molly is the founder and president of Embassy Global, a world-spanning technical marketing, PR, and business development firm. She’s also the team’s technical PR director. Molly met with Steve Wallace to build upon her knowledge of the new instrumentation and data acquisition systems aboard the jet car…also reviewing our unique magnetic braking system and the afterburner section. As the author of many industry technical articles, she finds a storehouse of information within our projects for additional publicity that helps to bring additional sponsors to the project.

A number of to do items were crossed off the list today.  Bernard and Keith wrapped up a long running effort in fabricating and enclosing the mid wheel assembly with an aerodynamically designed fairing. Keith made final adjustments for precise fitting and Bernard welded it into place.  Jon and Rob completed work on modifying the covers to seal off the air intakes when the engine is not running. Team driver John Drury picked up the LevX Race Car Transporter and Tractor at Spanaway airport and drove it to the hangar for some needed maintenance and to support the big effort.

Larry & Sean
Dave, Sean & Jason
The Mobilizer
Sean & the mobilizer

The majority of work today saw the axles being swapped out and the 56 foot long Eagle seeing the light of day as it was towed out of the hangar for some engine start-up tests.

Start cart panel
Dave & Sean

The big hoo-rah of the day goes out to Dave Selby and Sean Rondestvedt who disassembled the thermostat unit from the start cart, identified a problem, fixed it, and put it all back together again.  The ongoing problem with the cart went away and it performed perfectly with all the cart’s meters displaying good numbers.  Proof was when it easily spun up the huge turbo jet engine of the Eagle, providing necessary turbine air pressure and ground power. A great ending for a long day’s work.

Endevco – Meggitt Visit the Eagle

Mark  Akimoto  and Dan Schultz from  Endevco Division of  Meggitt stopped by to see the Eagle. We are using Endevco Pressure Transducers to measure the  outside pressure when the vehicle approaches M 0.8.  These values will then be inserted into our Metacomp CFD++ flow solver and adjusted with actuals.

Mark Akimoto
Dan Schultz

Darren Grove, Rex Walter, Ron Doll and Mike Thoe are the aerodynamics team that is doing this important work.  Steve Wallace has been busy this past week finishing up the location of the pressure ports located at key locations along the fuselage.


Keith’s Dad Visits the Eagle

L: Keith & R: Russ

Keith & Russ Zanghi

NAE™ Ties to Reno Air Race

It has taken a lot of people and companies over the years to get where we are today. On the back of the Eagle is a special area where we have recognized some of those. Larry Cruz, owner of Wings West Governor and Exchange at Thun Field was one of those that helped us many years ago by providing hanger space to us when we were just getting started.  Larry is recovering from injuries he incurred during the tragic Reno Air Race Friday September 16th.  Our prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

Larry Cruz