Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Endevco pressures sensors are laid out; Mid-wheel fairings: Dust debris curtains trimmed and great-grandkids!

We are thinking fall has arrived early here in the Pacific Northwest, leaving summer days few and far behind as team NAE™ members met to continue preparations for the test run sessions in November:  Steve Wallace, Libby Wallace, Tom Tiede, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Darren Grove, Chris Greene, John Winchester, Bernard McVay, Keith Zanghi and Laura Sawicki.

Darren Grove

One of the team aerodynamic engineers, Darren Grove, gave up another of his Saturdays to come out to Spanaway and perform measurements for the location and installing of our newly acquired Endevco Meggitt pressure sensors. Using the old fashioned steel tape and a high tech laser, Darren and Steve verified precise locations along the outer fuselage. Final installation is a go.

Taking measurements
Laura & Darren
Bernard & Keith

Bernard McVay, Keith, and Tom continued to fabricate and ready the fitting of the mid-wheel fairings that were computer designed to improve air flow around the  wheel assembly at high speeds.

Bernard welding

Tom has taken on the task of trimming and fitting the dust and debris curtains that will attach to the under carriage  of the fuselage forward of the air intakes.  They are designed to prevent ingestion of debris and reduce dust infiltration during speed runs.

Ed, John, & Chris

John Winchester and Chris Greene worked on the parachute canister system… preparing for the all important task of packing chutes and lines that will deploy and help bring the six ton North American Eagle™ to a stop from speeds as high as 800mph.

Steve Wallace
Steve Wallace
Richard Pengelley
Ed & Rich

Ed and Rich cranked up the start cart and after several tries traced down a problem area in an air valve. This should result in a happier and healthier engine start-up.

Laura in cockpit
Steve w/ grandchild

All in all…another fine workday at our Spanaway, WA hangar.