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Turning to today at our Parkland shop: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, John Drury, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace, Keith Zanghi, and Omar Chramosta


Today’s visitors included a friend of Keith, Monte Grubb, retired from Boeing and a team supporter.  Also dropping in to watch the load process was an Achten Quality Roofing employee and his young son, who had their picture taken and a close up view of loading operations.

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Organizing equipment and supplies was the focus today.  The Eagle was positioned and loaded into the semi trailer, along with its nose cone and other traveling equipment.  The motor home was loaded with communications items and data acquisition equipment.  Other needed supplies, barrels of fuel, tools and heavy stuff were made ready for loading onto other trailers. Our caravan will be heading south to the Alvord Desert test site next Saurday morning. 

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Ed has been busy all during the week, coordinating, planning, and attending to a long list of details that all must come together to make our test and speed runs a success.

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