Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Team Members turn out in droves;  Air sensors are laid out; New magnetic brake rotor design is finished; Spanaway’s first red hat club convenes.

This day marked a good turnout of team members and guests at our Spanaway, WA. hangar, home base of the North American Eagle™.  Our 56 foot long former jet plane is being readied for mid speed runs next month as we continue down the long challenging road to set a new world landspeed record of 800 mph.

John, Laura & Ed

John, Laura & Ed

Present this work day: Tom Tiede, Sean Rondestvedt, Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Dave Selby, Chris Greene, whose guest was his grandfather Herman, Bill Eckberg, Steve Wallace, Rich Pengelley, Jon Higley, Omar Chramosta, and John Mittleider who introduced his daughter Laura to the team.

Left - Ed, Right - Steve

Ed – Left & Steve – Right

Team member and sponsor Steve Green of Eagle Machine Inc and O.J. stopped in for a technical chat with Ed and Keith.  Steve reminded Ed that his red 200mph club hat has been worn a lot longer than Ed’s and was much harder earned. After some good natured bantering the two posed for red hat pictures.

Left - Bill & Right - Tom
The hydraulics bay

Most of the day’s work was devoted to finding the best way of balancing hydraulic fluid pressures within the front wheel steering assembly.

Grinding the mid-wheel fairings
Welding the mid-wheel fairings

Welding and plasma sparks were flying once again as Chris, Tom and Keith worked on the mid-wheel fairing installation.  The welding equipment on loan  from our sponsor, Central Welding Supply, was put to good use. As always Team NAE is grateful for our many sponsors and the valuable support they provide to the project.

Steve worked on preparation for our new Endevco Meggitt pressure sensors that are designed to measure and record pressures exerted on the fuselage as the vehicle approaches the sound barrier speed.  Next week precise layout of the sensor locations will take place.

Rear wheel brake rotor
F.E.A. on rotor

For the past month, John Mittleider has been working on a new magnetic brake rotor.  We are happy to say the final design is complete and is currently at the UREMET Corporation being machined.  The FEA screen capture to the right shows mostly blue which is an indication of acceptable stress analysis.  The new design is stronger and safer, thanks to the patented cryogenic treatment performed at Victor Aviation.