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The S&S Turbine Services Engine removed for inspection

Today a large group of North American Eagle® Team Members was on hand to remove the 45,500 hp S&S Turbine Services J-79 engine from the car.  Von Armstrong, Trish Wood, Jon Higley, Andrew Kirk, Zac Hopkins, Steve Wallace, Wolf Czaia, Omar Chramosta, Keith Zanghi, Eric McLain, Marty Jackson, David Martinson, Ken Broyles, Chris Greene, Eric Helpenstell, and Les Holm were ready to get their hands dirty!

During our recent test session at the Alvord Dry Lake Bed, we had a hydraulic bay door open up at speed.  Most of the door exited the vehicle, but a small portion entered the left-hand inlet, ending up in the front of the engine.  During the event, some of the 1st stage blades appeared to have sustained minor damage.  A thorough borescope inspection will take place in the next couple of weeks.

David Martinson, Ken Broyles and Les Holm inch the J79 out of the Eagle



Marty Jackson and Jon Higley


Ed Shadle Celebration of Life

Ed Shadle at Alvord 2016 Test Session

Photo used with permission.  Copyright © 2016 Pork Pie

There will be three events for Ed’s Celebration of Life.  The first will be Friday, October 12, 2018, at 9;30 am at The Tahoma National Cemetery.  The 2nd will be held October 13, 2018, from 12 noon to 2 pm at The LeMay Collections at Marymount.  Following this event, we will travel to Lady Luck Cowgirl Up restaurant from 2-4pm.

423 152nd Street East, Parkland WA

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45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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