In this update: Remembering Mark Moore; Nose cone removed, engine pulled; Some heading for Las Vegas and SEMA 2016

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Rain was not a problem this fall day as the team went to work: Don Mitchell, Corey Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Trish Wood, Ken Broyles, Andrew Kirk, Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle.  Today the team once again took on the task of removing the S&S Turbine Services J-79 Turbojet.  Last week we washed and unloaded the Eagle into the shop, this weekend we removed the engine from the fuselage.

Andrew brought two young friends to see the Eagle today.  Jon Ledoux and his brother Dominic Ledoux were suitably  impressed and pitched in to take care of some tasks.


Les, Lars, Ed, Jason, Ken and Don

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dscn9284   dscn9295


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It has been a year since the S&S Turbine Services J-79 has been out of the Eagle.  Following our last test session, the very alkaline  Alvord Dust was everywhere inside the engine compartment and on the external surfaces of the 45,500 hp engine.  Next week Corey Mitchell, David Martinson, Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm and Keith Zanghi head to Las Vegas to attend SEMA 2016.  When we return the following weekend we will wash down the engine and interior of the fuselage.


This weekend we added our friend Mark Moore to our “In Memoriam” list on the side of the Eagle.  Look for a special update highlighting our lost team member.  Thanks to Signs By Tomorrow – Houston South for getting the new decals made.