In this update: Spring cleaning in the fall, engine repairs, SEMA.

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The Canadians were in the house with the appearance of Al Von Hollen from S&S Turbine Services to help with some engine repairs.  On hand today was Cory Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Jason Mitchell, Trish Wood, Omar Chramosta, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Marty Jackson, Zac Hopkins, Jon Higley, and Keith Zanghi.

Today we are starting a new feature: Our Favorite Ed Photo.  These are photos of Ed through the years. It is said, A picture is worth a thousand words, so we will try to describe what was going on.  You can see the Ed Shadle #1  below…enjoy!

Our neighbors to the North in Canada were well represented this weekend

Kate stopped by to see the Eagle and we put her to work

Kate wanted to sit in the cockpit. Lucky she didn’t actuate the ejection seat!

Special guest today was Kate, who stopped by to see the Eagle.  She is really interested in STEM subjects in school so we decided to put her to work and sit in the car.  Also stopping by were friends of Ed, Ron from the Chicken Coupe car club, and Steve Larkin from Waldens garage.

Al Von Hollen went right to work

Al had his head in the engine for about 2 hours!

Marty Jackson and Les Holm assist Al

Al Von Hollen made a special trip to Seattle, and to inspect our Eagle’s J-79 jet engine.  During our last test session, a hydraulic bay door malfunctioned and opened up at over 400 mph.  The door was torn from the car, with a small part of it entering the engine inlet.   After using a borescope to inspect the engine, it was decided that the damage could be fixed in the hangar.  Al spent a couple of  hours removing damage that could lead to stress risers on a couple of the compressor blades.  Afterward, Al was satisfied with the repairs and gave us permission to reinstall.  S&S Turbine Services, Ltd is a full-service turbine shop in Fort St John BC, providing parts and expertise all over the world.  Between Al and the company owner Robin Sipe, both have been available or onsite at every test session.  In the coming months, we will reinstall the engine in the car with a follow-up wash and engine start.

Cory Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

KC getting dirty!

Ed’s niece Jessi was a big help today

Zac Hopkins

The crew today finished up cleaning the Eagle after a good start last weekend.  In the coming months, we will be making improvements to the car in preparation for next year’s test session.

SEMA 2018

Several team members will be headed to Las Vegas next week to attend the SEMA 2018 (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) Show.  SEMA is second only to the Consumer Electronics Show for attendance and size.   Jessi Combs will have several autograph sessions and will be hosting the SEMA Awards banquet for the 3rd year in a row.  If you are attending SEMA this year, check their website or inquire at the information center to find out where Jessi is appearing.  Her posters are becoming collector items and getting big bucks on eBay!

Buggy Whip Photos

Buggy Whip® LED Antennas are used at each of the mile markers

Graham Suorsa, who is on Jessi Comb’s production crew, took some great Buggy Whip photos on the Alvord Playa that we thought you would enjoy.

New Feature: Our Favorite Ed Shadle Photo #1

Ed Shadle next to 4014 Big Boy Locomotive

Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

About this photo:  In 2014 the team was asked to participate in the GNRS (Grand National Roadster Show) in Pomona CA.  We were staying at our good friend Dave Stevenson’s, who lived in nearby Corona.  On the way to Pomona to check on the car, Dave asked us if we would want to go take a look at a steam locomotive that was getting ready to leave the Pomona Fairgrounds and head to Wyoming to be restored.  As we approached the locomotive, it became apparent that this vehicle was gigantic! The wheels, as you can see, are as tall as Ed.  It is referred to as a 4-8-8-4, which is the number of wheels it has.  It was a great day with Dave Stevenson, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, and Ed Shadle.  One we will never forget.

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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