In this update: The Eagle finds a bird bath!

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Today a large number of team members met at Spanaway Airport to give the Eagle a good wash down following our week in the very alkaline Alvord Desert.


Unload at Spanaway Airport

We had a number of guests visiting us this weekend.  Noreen, sister of Bonneville 300 Club member Tanis Hammond stopped by.  We also had a couple of former F-104 pilots on hand.  Our friend Wolfgang Czaia came with his wife Pilar.  Pat Morris tagged along with  Rick Kiefier,former Normandy Park Police Chief.  Rick is a friend of Keith’s brother Dave.


Noreen and Ed


Rick, Wolf and Pat


Wolf, Pilar and Keith

On hand today was Trish Wood, Garrett Holm, Don Mitchell, Corey Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Les Holm, Chris Greene, Steve Wallace, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, David Martinson, Keith Zanghi, Ken Broyles, John Drury and Ed Shadle.

dscn9230  dscn9227

dscn9226  dscn9246

dscn9256  dscn9239


Ed starts the Eagle as we wash out the engine

dscn9224  dscn9225

dscn9221  dscn9217


Picking short straw for the twelfth year in a row, Keith was testing out his new eagle beak yellow rain gear!  Everyone this day got their chance to clean the nasty Alvord dirt off the Eagle.  After the wash, Ed hopped into the driver’s cockpit and we washed out the S&S Turbine Services engine, waking the neighbors up for blocks way.  Special thanks to Gary Lawson, Spanaway Airport manager, for lending us his facility.  When all was done we loaded the Eagle, drove three miles down the road and unloaded the Eagle for the second time.


At rest in the hangar