Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this update: Water pressure vessel is made: Mid- fairing work continues; Mobilizer is ready to go mobile and communication systems checked.

Several loose ends were being tied up today as the North American Eagle™ is fitted out for fall test runs early next month.  Team members meeting this fine Saturday morning were:  Ed Shadle, Cameron Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene and friend Jared Schow, Jon Higley, Steve Wallace, Von Armstrong, John Winchester, Bernard and Dennis McVay, Omar Chramosta, John Drury, Larry and Dustin Martinson, Rich Pengelley, and Sam Yellowbird.

Dennis & Bernard
Bernard & Dennis

Current new work in progress is the fabricating of a water cooled system for the rear brake rotors.  Bernard built a five gallon pressure vessel to serve as a reservoir tank and his son Dennis worked with him on the assembly.  Chris and friend Jared Schow were in and about the fuselage compartment, making it ready for the installation. Bernard and Dennis did some close in welding deep down in the compartment.

Chris Greene
Chris & Jared

Von and Sam Yellowbird finished up the grinding, priming and painting of the mobilizer wheels. It is all back together and looking good.  Jon Higley brought in some PVC piping and put together some mile markers that will be located along the run course during the speed tests.

Jon w/ mile marker

John Drury and friend Rick Pfaff flew in to Shady Acres Air Field and taxied on down to the NAE™ hangar in time for Ed’s team briefing. They later did sort of a fly over as they went off into the wild blue yonder.

L to R: Keith, Rick & John
Drury's plane

The long running task of designing, fabricating, and installing fairings for the mid wheels wrapped up today as Keith, Cameron and Rich made ready the final attachments.

Ed Shadle

Omar w/ David-Clark headset

Ed, Cam, Rich, Omar and Larry were here, there and everywhere working on the fuselage, testing our David Clark ground communications, steering response, and cockpit gauges.  Steve took up his usual station at the instrumentation compartment, working through the intricate and vital data acquisition system.

Drury takes off over hangar

Our day began and ended with blue skies, white fluffy clouds and no rain…a good thing for a work party in the Pacific Northwest.