Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Darren Grove returns from Tokyo, unpacks and gets ready to leave for Tokyo this week; Mark Moore delivers newly design magnetic brake rotors: Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi return from Edwards AFB and El Mirage October Meet and work continues on the North American Eagle™.

The weather held nice today, unlike many parts of the country.  Team NAE members assembling this fine fall morning were: Bernard McVay, Sean Rondestvedt, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene and friend, Layne Smith, Bill Eckberg, Jon Higley, Omar Chramosta, John Winchester and Sam Yellowbird.


Sean, Omar, Craig Mcnamee and Keith

Guests today included Keith’s friend and co-worker Craig McNamee and wife Kimberly.  More welcome guests were Mark Moore, his brother Dan, and his daughter Brook, who claimed a cockpit seat in the North American Eagle™


Bernard and Brook Moore

 Mark is the founder and president of Uremet Corporation, supplying cutting edge technology for wheel applications, including those found on more than 80 percent of roller coasters worldwide.  Today he hand delivered a newly designed and milled set of high grade aluminum rotors for the magnetic brake system on the Eagle.  Design by John Mittleider they are rated to withstand the rotational forces present in high speed runs.


Ed, Mark Moore and Keith

Work today centered on removing the old brake rotors from the rear wheel assembly and replacing them with the set of shiny new ones.  Next will be the completion of a water cooling system to cool the rotors during brake application.

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Also receiving maintenance were the mid wheels with inspection and repacking of the wheel bearings. 

Ed and Keith held a team briefing and brought back some schedule crunching news from their recent trip to California.  New and last minute run test requirements were imposed which make it impossible to conduct our planned runs until early next year.  Though the delay is disappointing there is an upside.  The time will be well spent with making system refinements that improve performance and data acquisition.

Darren Grove Returns From Japan

111029h               111029i


Darren Grove at VINAS 2011 Users Conference

In the previous week Darren Grove traveled to Japan where he give a presentation on how we use Pointwise CFD Meshing preprocessing software to create mesh surfaces in preparation for CFD flow solver.  Darren  attended the VINAS 2011 Users Conference (Visual Integration & Numerical Analysis Systems) in Tokyo.  The show was held at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa.  


111029ks      111029ls


Why Pointwise/Gridgen

  • User Friendly GUI
  • Flexibility – can put points in where needed
  • Directly import CATIA (and other CAD) formats
  • Simplify geometry tools (quilts and models)
  • Scriptable (Tcl/TK, Glyph)
  • Export to many flow solvers
  • Quality Examination


111029o               111029p


On Saturday Darren will get back on a plane and head back to Japan to attend the CEI User Conference in Japan on November 9th.  He will be giving a presentation on the use of CEI  EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software in conjunction with Metacomp Technologies CFD++ Flow Solver.


On November 12 -18th Ed and Keith will be joining CEI at the Super Computing 2011 (SC11) at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.  The SC11 conference continues a long and successful tradition of engaging the international community in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. SC11 will place an emphasis on bringing together communities to facilitate information exchange, discussions and new collaborations for research and education related to innovating high performance computing applications and advancing scientific discovery and scholarship.  If you are attending SC 11, stop by and see Ed and Keith at the CEI Booth.  Look for the North American Eagle™ scale model on display.  See how we use CEI EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software to analyze the transonic shock waves produced by the record breaking Eagle.



Ed & Keith Attend El Mirage Meet


Scott, Greg, Paula, George, Ed and Tom at the Callaway Ranch

While in California Ed and Keith traveled to El Mirage Dry Lake bed to attended the SCTA October meet.  The two had a great time renewing friendships with all the great people at El Mirage.


Paula Burns and George Callaway