In this update:  Dusting off; Cleaning up; Getting things back in order and a team member enters the workforce.

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Punching in for work today: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, Rob Martinson, Don Mitchell, Britney Freer and  Omar Chramosta.


Visitors today included a friend of Keith and fellow Boeing employee, Neal Key.  Also dropping by to swap tales with Ed were several friends and Bonneville race enthusiasts.


This is a fairly short update this week. How much can you talk about dirt?  Unless one has experienced spending a week on a remote dry lakebed, including racing, trying to make repairs in the midst of a blinding dust storm, and getting down and dirty with Mother Nature, it is difficult to understand the consequences. Everything and everybody comes out of it covered with a fine layer of dust that clings and penetrates.

Lars identified an oppurtunity at Alvord and came back to design this jack mount for the front of the car.  It replaces a bolt that we had used over the years that lent itself to be damaged or misplaced.  Painted in ground support equipment yellow, the new jack point will be safer and easier to find.

                                        Andrew removes a panel

With the car unloaded and back in the hangar, clean up began in earnest.  Besides the car and its compartments, all the food and drink supplies, all the tool boxes and support equipment, anything that was on the desert floor has to be cleaned and rearranged.

151017b 151017c

The start cart was rolled out, hosed down and put back in shape then put through a performance run.  We found a problem, so the team will call in Dave Selby to come in and diagnose the problem.

                                         Ed and Les Congratulate Britney Freer

Team member Britney Freer made an announcement to the team.  As of Friday she is now a full time Boeing Employee!  Keith Zanghi started mentoring Britney when she was 14 in US FIRST Robotics. Like other young team members, Chris Greene, Andrew Kirk, Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks, Britney is now an active contributor to the economy!  Along with full time employment, she continues her studies to become an engineer.  Good luck Britney!

 So we drive on, undeterred and making ready for the next record runs. Our big red jet car is being checked over and systems restored. High speeds are still very much in our future.

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