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Time is growing short as Team NAE is racing the clock and trying hard to overcome the obstacles we face between now and the day we load up our six ton jet car and all the other tons of necessary equipment and vehicles to head South for test runs early next month. Today’s crew included Ed Shadle, Cameron Shadle,   Von Armstrong, Sean Rondestvedt, Bernard McVay, Keith Zanghi, Jon Higley, Omar Chramosta, Chris Greene, Steve Wallace, John Winchester, Sam Yellowbird, and Brandyn and Doug Bayes.




Ed, Brandyn, Jon, and Keith


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Today…Steve Wallace cleared out his home and backyard projects and unloaded them at the hangar to be readied for test runs. His wife and his neighbors are happy.   These included some windmill assemblies he designed and built for power generation to keep the batteries charged and powered up for the data acquisition system while out on the lakebed.  He was engaged in testing various components of the system including data related to steering response and attitudes after Ed made some adjustments.


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Keith and Cam did some precise layout and metal routing in designing a panel cover and access hatch for the compartment containing the rear brake rotor cooling system.  Bernard McVay, team member and sponsor from  McVay Mobile Welding continued working on the cooling system and lent his welding expertise on several other needed areas.


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The much discussed mid wheel fairings were once more visited by Sean and Keith and Bernard…who, once again, put on the finishing touches. 

Darren Grove in Japan

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On Friday Darren Grove traveled to Japan where he will give a presentation on how we use Pointwise CFD Meshing preprocessing software to create mesh surfaces in preparation of CFD Analysis.  Darren is attending VINAS 2011 Users Conference (Visual Integration & Numerical Analysis Systems) in Tokyo.  The show is being held at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa.  Look for an update this week with photos from the event.


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 With the introduction to our new look web site behind us, we will be taking an update break next week while Ed and Keith pave the way for our test runs to come.  Stay tuned and feel free to browse around.  There is more information on our site then you can handle at one sitting.

Our day began and ended with blue skies, white fluffy clouds and no rain…a good thing for a work party in the Pacific Northwest. 

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