In this update: Transporter gets a bath; Updates from Salem; and BAJA 1000

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Today Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Trish Wood, David Martinson,  Omar Chramosta and Keith Zanghi spent a cool sunny fall day working on the North American Eagle®.  Chris Greene was racing in Salem OR and Jessi Combs is at the BAJA 1000.  Von Armstrong is working virtual.


Employee of the Week David Martinson

The Man the Legend, Eddie Harris, aka The Godfather of Parkland


Tom Layson stopped by


Land speed racer Eric McLain stopped by

Special guests this week were Eric McLain, Eddie Harris, and Tom Layson.  Eddie came dressed to the nines as he was off to a comic-artist show.  Tom Layson who produces documentaries and a weekly television show on the local PBS affiliate, Northwest Now.  Look for a new show from Tom on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Click on this link to see many of his award-winning shows.

The employee of the week, this time by unanimous vote, was David Martinson!  For five straight hours with no breaks, David braved the cold weather and pressure washed the gigantic Eagle transporter and tractor.  Ed and Trish braved heights as they cut down limbs from a neighbor’s maple tree that had begun to grow into the race car trailer. When all was done, Trish’s pick up truck was full of branches!  Les mixed up some aero seal and sealed some areas in the front bulkhead. Someday in the future Keith says he is going to paint them landing gear white…we’ll see.


Lars Pedersen has finished the machine work on the new transporter hubs.  He will take them home to install the wheel studs.  This new design will eliminate problems encountered last year.  Keith painted the threshold in the rear door opening of the race car trailer.   When the new drive wheels for the internal bridge crane come back from Eagle Machine, Inc,we will be ready to install.

Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving and will be taking Saturday off.

Chris Greene does battle in Salem OR

Chris Greene’s indoor midget racer

NAE’s parachute expert, Chris Greene was in Salem OR this weekend, running his indoor midget racer.  In his very first race with the car, he learned a lot, broke some parts, and ate a little dirt.  A racer at heart who has seen many triple jumps during his motocross career, Chris has a big racing future ahead of him.  He could sure use your support.  Go to his Facebook page.


Jessi Combs from the BAJA 1000

Cool photo by @david144bronco 

Way south of the border, Jessi Combs was bouncing her way through on the world’s most demanding race course: The BAJA 1000.  Jessi and her team did an outstanding job preparing for the brutal course.  Unfortunately, mechanical problems raised their head and the team was unable to make repairs for Jessi to finish.  You can read a full report at

Land speed racer Eric McLain


                                                                                                                             Martinson deserving his Employee of the Week award

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