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It was a beautiful Saturday as many of the team members of the North American Eagle® showed up to take on the task of cleaning up the shop.  Sean Rondestvedt, Lars Pedersen, Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong, Andrew Kirk, Don Mitchell, Trish Wood, Les Holm, Zac Hopkins, Eddie Harris, and Keith Zanghi were on hand.  Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks were working virtual this weekend, performing  administration work on our servers.  No update for Thanksgiving weekend since we will be taking a break and spending time with our families.

Ethan and Sammy taking a break

Steve Larkins and Keith Zanghi

Steve Larkins stopped by the shop today to let the team know they would offer their shop, Walden Brothers Garage, to perform the restoration process on Ed Shadle’s 828 Lakester.  Before his death, Ed made arrangements to donate the car to the LeMay Family Collection at Marymount.

This weekend was spent taking care of a lot of spring cleaning.  When we moved to the new facility four years ago, we brought along a lot of stuff that needs a trip to the dump. Everyone goes through this and we are no different.  The team did a great job of going through the shop shelf by shelf, separating the needed from the unneeded. We inventoried the parts and sorted them into common groups.  We still have some work to do, but we got a great start on the process.  Special thanks to Trish who kept us on task throughout the afternoon.


Andrew Kirk and Sean Rondestvedt got a bird’s eye view this weekend

The crew made a lot of keep/no keep decisions

Keith homed in on a pallet of scrap metal

A great day to take photos of  Don’s hot ride….where’s the car?

Eddie Harris stopped by to see the new door in preparation for painting next month

His creative artwork has transformed the Eagle on the fuselage

Jessi Combs at Baja 1000

Buggy Whip® LED Antennas light the way on this year’s BAJA 1000

Jessi was in the Baja 1000 this weekend helping, the #4405 truck.  They ran into some engine trouble with a harmonic balancer that came loose.   Preparations for next year have already started!

Eric Wittler’s last race of the year at El Mirage

Photo credit Copyright© 2018 Holly Martin  METAL AND SPEED™

Eric on a fast run

800 miles to the South, several of the North American Eagle® team members were attending the last SCTA event of the year at El Mirage Lakebed in California.  On November 10th and 11th, Lars Pedersen, Rich Pengelley, and Russ Powrie were on hand to help Eric Wittler run his two motorcycles.   He didn’t set any new records but came pretty close with a personal best of 191.253 mph.

Eric is ready to run

Rich Pengelley and Eric Wittler

Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie

Lars Pedersen found a part-time job driving the limo at El Mirage!

Lars and Rich in line with Eric

Eric set a personal best run at 191.253 mph

Our favorite Ed Shadle photo

Ed liked everything fast, and his choice in dogs was no different.  Over the years, Ed and Elaine adopted nineteen (19) rescue greyhounds.  Bred for hunting and running at dog tracks, when the animals reach the end of their career it is not a happy ending.  Greyhound Pets of America finds families who will take on a dog for the rest of its life.  They are an amazing family pet and can reach 45 mph in just three strides!

Ed volunteered many times over the years, bringing the organization to the awareness of the community.  He is pictured above at one of the events that helped to do just that.

Jay Leno terrorizing Ed’s grandson Alex!

When Ed secured the team an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it all happened because Jay’s secretary Helga, also owned greyhounds!  The two found something in common that led to an initial meeting with Mr. Leno.

Ed loved all kinds of animals and had other breeds of dogs, cats, goats, llamas, and horses.  His favorites were greyhounds.

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