In this update: Cleaning continues; and theDavid Clark Tour.

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Today we had a good turnout at the North American Eagle™ hangar.  Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Don Mitchell, Corey Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Lars Pedersen, David Martinson, Britney Freer, Keith Zanghi, John Drury, Trish Wood and our newest member, Noreen Bowdon.


Steve Rima with Bob Daigle

This week Steve Rima has been on the East Coast and he stopped in to see one of our longtime sponsors, David Clark Company.  Bob Daigle has been working with us for years,  and he gave Steve a tour of their manufacturing operations.


David Clark Company  is the leader in aerospace communications and flight and space suits.  They built the suits for the X-15 rocket plane, Gemini and Apollo Astronauts, Space Shuttle, and high altitude suits for the SR-71.   The world leader in pressure suits, they also built the suit for our friends at the Red Bull Stratos High Altitude balloon project.  David Clark Company provides all of our headset communications.  We are proud to be associated with the David Clark  Company.

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Felix Baumgartner’s Flight Suit


81 Years of quality products


Tim Tyre, Tony Tyre and Steve Baird

We had a number of visitors this weekend.  A co-worker of Keith’s, Tim Tyre brought his brother and  good friend to see the Eagle.  Another longtime fan, Tom Alberts also stopped by.  Always good to have visitors.


Britney Freer

North American Eagle™ summer intern Britney Freer stopped by to lend a hand.  Every year since the beginning of the project,  high school seniors have chosen us for their senior project.  Britney was one of those who went on to start a career in the aerospace industry and continues to attend college.  The Eagle promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to help steer our next generation of leaders.


Tim Tyre with his brother and best friend

Another guest this weekend was long time co-worker of Keith’s, Tim Tyre who brought along his brother and best friend.


Noreen Bowdon

A new team member joined the group this weekend.  Noreen Bowdon.  During the week she restores vintage aircraft, and her skills will be greatly welcomed.


In the previous weeks,  we gave the outside of the Eagle a thorough washing down. This weekend it was time to wash the engine and the inside of the tail cone.


Jason cleans the S&S Turbine Services J-79


Crew chief Les Holm