In this update: George Barris, King of Kustom RIP

 George Barris

November 20, 1925 – November 5, 2015


The one thing the North American Eagle™ project has done for us as a team is to give us the oppurtunity to meet people we might not normally have accesss to.  Today, probably the most well known car customizer in the world passed away: George Barris.  His popularity sky rocketed when he built the original Batmobile for the TV Series Batman, starring Adam West.  He was known as the King of Kustom and his shop, Barris Kustom, built cars for movie stars, athletes, presidents, rock stars and royalty. Whenever we found ourselves in LA we made it a point to stop in and say hello to George. He always took time to show us around and give us a tour.  There is so much history at Barris Kustom in North Hollywood.  We have so many stories over the years.  Everytime we left his shop we pinched ourselves just to make sure it was real. We were truly in the midst of a legend.  At the Grand National Roadster Show George treated us with a special gift: He autographed the North American Eagle™  As soon as we got back to the shop we clear coated it!  Godspeed George…thank you for the memories.  Our condolences go out to his daughter Joji, and son Brett,  and to Tony Wood, his shop manager and personal aide who traveled with George all over the world.


One year when we were testing at El Mirage, George, his daughter Joji, Tony Wood and his son Justin came out to see us run.  We even recruited them to help do a pull test so we could measure the rolling resistance on the playa.

                             George’s office filled with Batman memorabilia
                                                         The Munster’s Koach