Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Media Relations Specialist, Susan West, stops by to review upcoming public relations efforts; Jerry Lamb of LevX inspects the magnetic brakes: Mid-wheel doors may finally be complete: Front wheel is installed: Hydraulics lines are secured and Darren Grove heads back to Japan.


Today’s work crew included Von Armstrong, Laura Sawicki, Ed Shadle, Sean Rondestvedt, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene, Layne Smith, Rich Pengelley, Jon Higley, Sam Yellowbird, Omar Chramosta, Susan West and John Winchester.


Susan West, our media relations and communications specialist, stopped by to review our public relations for the upcoming year. Recently voted in as the new Normandy Park City Council Woman, Susan is a former Seattle area broadcast news reporter on KOMO and is experienced in public and media relations. She brings a wealth of talent to Team NAE.


Jerry Lamb, good friend, sponsor, and CEO of LEVX® Technologies  drove down in fine style from his Port Angeles company to inspect our magnetic braking system..  Jerry holds hundreds of patents in over 42 countries. The current LEVX® patent portfolio includes patents, patent applications and trademarks. The patents cover proprietary magnetic suspension configurations, propulsion modules, cornering enhancements and guidance devices. This technology is in the magnetic braking system aboard the North American Eagle™. At 600 mph the magnetic technology is giving us over 3,100 lb of brake horsepower. It has brought our jet car to a stop from test speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. 

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Rich and Sean worked in the hydraulics compartment, fashioning a new bracket and fairlead  that will improve support of fluid lines. The new bearings hub for the front wheel was attached and the wheel installed in its fuselage compartment.  Steve Green from Eagle Machine, Inc in Abbottsford BC recently modified the front axle assembly to make it a lot more reliable.


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Darren Grove Flies to Japan For CEI EnSight Software


Darren Grove at VINAS 2011 Users Conference

With a week at home, Darren heads back to Japan to  CEI User Conference.  On November 9th he will be giving a presentation on the use of CEI  EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software in conjunction with Metacomp Technologies CFD++ Flow Solver.

On November 12 -18th Ed and Keith will be joining CEI at the Super Computing 2011 (SC11) at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.  The SC11 conference continues a long and successful tradition of engaging the international community in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. SC11 will place an emphasis on bringing together communities to facilitate information exchange, discussions and new collaborations for research and education related to innovating high performance computing applications and advancing scientific discovery and scholarship.  If you are attending SC 11, stop by and see Ed and Keith at the CEI Booth.  Look for the North American Eagle™ scale model on display.  See how we use CEI EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software to analyze the transonic shock waves produced by the record breaking Eagle.



In the upcoming week you will be seeing some very artistic photos of the North American Eagle™ taken by team member Eric Whittler of Carson City Nevada.  You can visit his website  As Eric says keep your head in the clouds at
you fly fast, we take pictures! and more…