Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Steering backup system now operational: Coolant system for LEVX® magnetic brakes functional tested: Front wheel fairing measured and safety device built for powerful magnets.

It was a good work day today as NAE team members accomplished several tasks on the to do list.  Meeting were Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Jon Higley, Rich Pengelley, Sam Yellowbird, Craig and Kimberly McNamee, John Winchester, Omar Chramosta, Steve Wallace and grandson Jacob, who is Von’s great-grandson. Special thanks to Kimberly who prepared lunch for the team.


Von & Jacob

On the list today were a number of ongoing tasks and one new one.  Ed completed some electrical work wiring up a water control valve for the magnetic brake cooling system.  By day’s end the onboard water tank was filled and air pressurized.  With the new control valve installed, a dump test was run and the tank was emptied in less than 20 seconds. New lines will now be run aft from the valve to the rear wheel brake rotors which will be cooled with water spray when engaged for stopping at the end of high speed runs.

The hydraulic steering system was also tested today.  It is a complicated system involving the storage of hydraulic fluid, which is balanced under pressure and distributed to the front wheel steering assembly through a series of valves and hydraulic lines.  In order to achieve the necessary pressures for a balanced system, a number of steps must be performed in proper sequence. Several charging tests today were performed and the sequential steps were recorded for a documented check list to be used each time the system is charged.

The newest project got underway this Saturday with the initial design of the front wheel fairing.  With the completion of the mid wheels fairing, similar fabrication for the front wheel fairing began.  Keith went down under to take some initial measurements and plan the layout and materials list.


One concern always present regarding the magnetic brakes is the danger presented by the array of powerful magnets in the system…capable of gobbling up tools, personal items and anything that can be attracted to magnets….as well as wiping out credit cards, wrist watches, cell phones and medical devices which get too near…a literal black hole in the middle of our shop! Sam Yellowbird resolved that concern by fabricating a strap that goes around each wheel and covers the magnetic arrays, isolating them from outside attractions during routine maintenance and inspection.

Team NAE™ will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and no work party is scheduled that weekend.

We wish all of our friends, followers, sponsors and team members a very nice time to join their friends and families in giving thanks for all the blessings we receive in this great country of ours.

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