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In this week’s update: Darren Grove returns from Japan: Super Computers and Super Fast Cars…The North American Eagle™

Darren Grove Returns from CEI EnSight Users Group


Darren Grove at VINAS 2011 Users Conference

For the 2nd time in about a month, Darren Grove returned from Japan to talk about how he uses specialized software tools like Geomagic, CATIA V5, Pointwise, Metacomp CFD++ and now CEI EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software.

On November 9th, Daren spoke at the CEI User Conference in Tokyo.  He gave a presentation on the use of CEI EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software in conjunction with Metacomp Technologies CFD++ Flow Solver.  There he was met by Darin McKinnis and Anders Grimsrud, PhD from Computational Engineering International (CEI).


CEI EnSight Visualization Software

Super Computing Show 2011


Kevin Colburn, Darin McKinnis, Brandyn, Ed, Anders, Grimsrud, PhD, Jamie, Chris and Keith


This years Super Computing 2011 (SC11) show was held at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center. Ed Shadle and his granddaughter Jamie, Brandyn Bayes, Chris Greene and Keith Zanghi joined the staff from CEI in their booth promoting their flagship product, EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software.

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To help “hook” the thousands of attendees at SC11 this year, Ed brought along our 3 foot long scale model of the Eagle built by NAE Team Member Russ Garlow. As usual, nearly everyone passing by stopped to see what the model was all about and how Team North American Eagle™ uses EnSight Post Processing Visualization Software to analyze the results of our CFD Flow Solver. This was a good chance for thousands of attendees to get a free autograph photo of the Eagle.  By the end of the day Ed had to make an appointment with his doctor for first signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

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The theme of the Super Computing 2011 was fast HPC (High Performance Computing). The show was a cross section between industry, government and academia with nearly a hundred Universities from all over the world. With this in mind Ed took our three youngest team members out of school and had them spend a day with him walking around the booths. They had a chance to meet the IBM Watson and even challenge him to a game of jeopardy!

Who knows, maybe our three young interns who now work on the super fastest automobile will be building the computers and writing the software to the next generation of super fast computers!










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