The North American Eagle™ team is excited to announce our latest partnership with Microsoft.  This partnership has been in development for almost a year now, and we’re beyond amazed at how far we’ve come, and where we will be going with it.

The team’s Director of IT and Marketing, Brandyn Bayes, has been working closely with a team of Microsoft engineers and has been coordinating this new partnership.  Microsoft has been incredibly supportive of our endeavor by providing us the tools with which to build a cloud-based infrastructure that would have been unimaginable only a year ago.  This will be a quantum leap in the data analysis capabilities for the project, and our ability to share and communicate across the team.


Web Servers Across the World

Using Microsoft Azure, the North American Eagle team has deployed our website to several data centers across the world.  When you visit our website it will automatically direct you to the nearest server, whether it is here or overseas. This will speed up the access time.  When there are a lot of visitors it allows us to scale the website, so that it will remain online.


Office 365 for Communication

One of the first problems with which we approached Microsoft was the need for a better email and collaboration tool.  This was when they introduced us to Office 365 for Business.  Not only does it provide email, but enables the team to stay in constant contact. With Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, we are able to quickly share files with our sponsors and supporters very quickly, as well as collaborate in real time.



Mass Storage in from Anywhere

With this complex of a project, we found ourselves facing a serious issue.  Over the last decade, we have amassed a wealth of data and media, but it was split among a variety of different team members, making it difficult to find a specific file.  Using Microsoft Azure, we are able to store terabytes upon terabytes of data in the cloud, and access it from anywhere in the world, allowing us to retrieve data from anywhere.



Data Analytics with Power BI

During a single run we collect over 32 million data points. We must  be able to process that data quickly and accurately after a run.  With Microsoft Power BI and Azure, we are able to take that data and generate interactive visualizations. We now have pictures of the car’s performance, showing us what changes may be needed to push the boundries of speed just a little bit further.



Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Cloud

The availability of the cloud has completely changed the way North American Eagle™ engineers process gigantic CFD Flow Solutions. Members of the NAE data acquisition and aerodynamicist teams have discussed the existing technical capabilities of our data collection and processing system.  Software improvements were needed for a faster and more accurate retrieval of information. With the use of Windows Azure and Microsoft Cloud resources we now have the ability to whittle down that massive amount of data and acquire  a final read out in a matter of minutes.

The road to where we are started with super powerful 48 GB Ram Lenovo ThinkStations. It would take nearly 24 hours to process one flow solution. We needed to speed this up, so we began removing the hardrives and shipping them via FedEX Overnight to CRAY Supercomputers in Palo Alto. This allowed us to process more data, but still had the lag time for shipping.

Now the process has evolved to the use of Cloud following a run.  NAE computers will upload the data to Microsoft Azure and turn on Cloud Based Servers.  The same computations wil be done in the field, with very rapid data retireval.