In this update: Enjoy our newly designed web page up this week; Ground support equipment; Speed watch

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A small but active work party today: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Steve Wallace, Lars Pedersen, Patricia Wood, Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong.

We are looking forward to a new web experience on our website beginning this week. Brandyn Bayes has been hard at it in design mode for quite some time. There are a lot of new features throughout the website to explore.  You can learn more about the update by going to our latest Announcement post, Anniversary Design.

The ground support equipment is vital to our land speed project. Over the years some of it has been modified, some added to as needs have changed.
Lars is currently working on our mobilizer; a fancy name for the dolly/trailer used to turn our 56 foot long jet car around and point it down range for a return run in the opposite direction.

160507b 160507c

Les is drilling new alignment pin holes in the loading ramp stand to make the ramp assembly easier and safer.


Omar and Ed took a breather after checking out the trailer hydraulics and inspecting the fluid level.

Steve W. spent some cockpit and data compartment time working on speed measurement.