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Today a large number of team members showed up to lend an hand and their backs to loading the North American Eagle®  Ed Shadle, Cory Mitchell, Larry Martinson, Steve Wallace, Omar Chramosta, Sean Rondestvedt, Steve Rima, Lars Pedersen, John Drury, Andrew Kirk, and Keith Zanghi were all in attendance.  A big help today was Ed’s son-in-law Elliot who spent the day with us.


Elliot, Steve and Andrew loading the Eagle

Keith and Cory

Load up went well today

Precision Model by Kiss Zsolt

Kiss Zsolt from Australia sent us these photos of a 1/48 scale NAE.  The detail is amazing and when team members look at the photos we are amazed at the craftsmanship.  He wish to express his thanks to Jon Higley and Russ Garlow for all their help in providing photos

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45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Serices

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LeMay Family Collection is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®

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God Bless and Protect our Troops