In this update: Fuel system installed and we say goodbye to Spanaway Airport

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Today Les Holm, Von Armstrong, Zac Hopkins, Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen, Cam Shadle, Alex Shadle, Cory Mitchell, Marty Jackson, Rob Martinson,Sam Yellowbird, Patricia Wood, Don Mitchell, Jason Mitchell and Jon Higley.  Working virtual this week was Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks.  Working in Nevada this weekend were Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie.


Alex Shadle was quickly put to work

A beautiful day in Parkland WA as the team once again got together to work on the North American Eagle®  Ed Shadle’s grandson Alex came with his dad and we took no time in getting him to work.  He did a great job putting a coat of wax on the Fire / Rescue Vehicle.  Eddie Harris dropped by to show us his latest project:  President Kennedy.  The new artwork shows President and Mrs. Kennedy arriving at Love Field, the presidential limousine, and young John.  It is going to be beautiful when complete. Eddie is the artist who painted the livery on the side of the Eagle.

A longtime friend of Ed’s, Steve Larkin stopped by. We had to take a photo of him with his Ed memorial sticker before leaving.  NAE Teammate Rob Martinson stopped by to inspect the new Fire / Rescue Vehicle.

Steve Larkin displays another Ed memorial sticker

Eddie Harris brought his latest project

We finished the new fuel filter assembly that we have been working on the last few weekends.  As you can see from the photos, it is fairly complicated with custom made stainless steel tubing and flexible fuel lines.  Lars Pedersen and Cory Mitchell spent half the morning making hoses.  After doing a leak test they installed the parts into the car.  We’re now ready to put the engine back in the car next week.

The new fuel filter on the left, with blue fuel line on the right

David Martinson welded up the stainless steel fuel line

Lars and Cory making custom fuel lines

Cory assembles a fuel line while his dad Don looks on

Les inspects the new filter while the rest of the team offers moral support

Les and Cam did a functional test on the M32-60B Start Cart

Don Mitchell removing some old decals with a rotating eraser

Don replacing some faded decals

Von Armstrong and Rob Martinson are part of the Fire / Medical Team

Keith shows Rob the improvements to the parachute system

Our favorite photos of Ed Shadle: Spanaway Airport

The former Spanaway Airport May 6, 2019, looking East

Spanaway Airport May 6, 2019  looking North

What was once a runway is now piled up asphalt

Ed Shadle, John Drury, Omar Chramosta, Slim Lawson and Lee

Slim’s Annual Birthday Flight

This week if Ed Shadle, Omar Chramosta, and Slim Lawson were still alive they would be very sad.  Since 1954 Spanaway Airport has been serving the Pierce County Area.  Founded by Slim Lawson the airport became a hangout for the three for the last 25 years. For the North American Eagle® team, it was a place that holds a lot of memories.  It was our test site for nearly 10 years until it became apparent that the noise was not conducive to the neighborhood.  The airport was sold last year, but this week the earth movers, graders, and excavators tore down all the hangars and ripped up the concrete and asphalt.

Spanaway Airport was really special for Ed.  It was his shop away from home. Every day he could be found in the early morning having a cup of coffee with other pilots, solving the day’s world problems.  It was also the home of his airplane, affectionately called Elmo.  Ed built the Beechcraft Skipper from two different damaged aircraft.  He took the good parts from each and made a flyable aircraft.  When it was all done, Ed was the test pilot on its maiden flight.

Here is one of the airplanes Ed used

And now the second airplane

Elmo prepared for paint

Ed Shadle first flight of Elmo June 1999

The Eagle arrival at Spanaway Airport.  The hangars are now gone

Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi at Spanaway Airport March 2008 engine test

Ed reviews startup checklist


Engine test at Spanaway Airport March 2008

Ed inspects a parachute testing device mounted on John Higley’s truck

Spanaway Airport August 2008

Ed preparing parachutes for deployment with John Winchester

John Winchester arms the parachute while Ed looks on

John Winchester, Bill Eckberg, and Keith Zanghi at Spanaway Airport

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