In this update: Computer update of rear axle scan; brake cooling system; front wheel cleaning blade; hydraulic line inspection

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Team NAE takes time out to honor all those who are remembered on this Memorial  Day Weekend

A  good turnout today: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Keith Zanghi, Don Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, David Martinson, Cory Mitchell, Eric Helpenstell, Brandyn Bayes, Steve Rima,  Omar Chramosta, Chris Banks, Von Armstrong, John Drury


Don Mitchell doing his Catia magic on a Lenovo ThinkPad

160528l 160528b 160528k

David Martinson was at work  with the welder, fabricating parts for the brake cooling system.  Von writing today’s update.

160528d IMG_0905 160528o

Brandyn  and Ed working on the front wheel wiper that prevents soil build-up during runs.  Jason and Cory still seeking an elusive hydraulic leak.  Les hovers and watches.

160528i 160528f