In this update: Olympic Elementary learns about the Eagle; Reflections on Memorial Day; Works in Progress

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Today Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Cory Mitchell, Von Armstrong, and Keith Zanghi spent a perfect weather day at our Parkland hangar.

This weekend before Memorial Day gives cause to pay tribute to those brave members of our country’s military forces who gave their lives in service.  We salute them in memory and with gratitude.

Dave, Jordan, and Keith

Eddie Harris new artwork

The artist who painted the Eagle on the side of the car, Eddie Harris, has been working on an original artwork featuring the Eagle, 56-0763 and X-15 66671.  Soon there will be posters and/or giclée prints available.

Olympic Elementary, Longview, WA

Ed Shadle and Lars Pedersen signing photos of the Eagle

Today’s visitors were Keith’s brother Dave and his son Jordan.  This past Tuesday, Lars, Ed and Keith traveled to Olympic Elementary School in Longview WA to talk to a group of  68 eager 5th graders.  Mrs. Morgan (Lar’s Daughter) requested the presentation after a very successful event last year.  After the talk,  the students asked questions for a solid 30 minutes.  It was a great time had by all!

Lars, Cory, and Les


Today, Cory  did maintenance on the front wheel brake.  Ed and Lars were at it once again, working on the overhead crane assembly in the transporter trailer.

Lars spent some time working on the mid-wheels, doing some preventative maintenance on the bearings.  Ed drove the LevX® tractor to Spanaway Airport.  Our trailers that are parked there need some work, and need to be moved around.


Keith keeps himself and our welding equipment busy, fabricating a new enclosure method  for the mid-wheels compartment. This will be effective in reducing the amount of lake bed dust accumulating during our desert runs.  We thank the good folks at Central Welding Supply.

And…the winner is?

Tom Layson from KBTC


Click to watch the Emmy Nominated Northwest Now

The North  American Eagle® team is looking forward to next weekend, June 3rd, when the winners of the 54th Annual Emmy Nominations are selected.  Tom Layson from the local PBS affiliate, KBTC in Tacoma, has been nominated in the Health/Science category for the show he produced about the NAEagle Team last year.  You can watch the KBTC Northwest Now episode by clicking the photo above.

The North American Eagle® Team is proud to be working with Summit Envirosolutions.  Summit Envirosolutions is a consulting firm providing environmental services using state-of-the-art environmental management information systems.  With locations in Burnsville, MN and Reno, NV they provide consulting for our interactions with the Bureau of Land Management.  They provide full range services supporting Cultural, Environmental and Water issues.

Summit Envirosolutions has also created three software packages (EPIPHINY, AQUILYTICS, and SAMPLEOPTIMIZER  that are revolutionizing the environmental monitoring landscape.  They are an integral part of our team.

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S&S Turbine Services provides 45,500 horses for the Eagle

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God Bless and Protect our Troops