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Sgt Dennis Ray Silvesan

1948 – 1970

On this weekend Americans honor our military service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  One young man was Sgt Dennis Ray Silvesan, a friend of Lars Pedersen. He was killed in action on Sunday May 24, 1970 in the providence of Pleiku, South Vietnam. He was a member of HSB, 6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery.  His name can be found on the Vietnam War Memorial, Panel 10W-Row 092.  You can read more of Sgt Dennis Ray Silvesan here.     He was from Longview, WA.  In the belly of the Eagle is Sgt Silvesan’s name inscribed in the structure.

A large number of North American Eagle® team members met to continue our push to break the world land speed record. Showing up today were Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Cory Mitchell, Steve Rima, Jason Mitchell, Steve Wallace, Trish Wood and Keith Zanghi.

New Sponsor : Buggy Whips

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Buggy Whip®  Since 1967 they have been building high quality engineered products.  Their super bright LED Safety Antennas will be a big improvement in our  program.  We are looking to place 8-foot light antennas, in varying colors, at each of the mile markers.  One of the biggest problems facing Ed and Jessi is seeing the course markers…especially over 450 mph.  Using 12 volts for power, they can be easily deployed.  Plans are to place one of their short 2 foot antennae’s on the Eagle and make a 300 mph+ run!  How cool would that be?

Strategizing Buggy Whip® colors along course

Ed moved the tractor into position

Pilgrim Productions – History Channel

Pilgrim Productions Wrap Party

Ed under the lights!

Lights, Camera, Action!


Pilgrim Productions (Producers of the original American Chopper, New American Chopper, Wicked Tuna and many other shows) was in the hangar filming interviews for an upcoming History Channel Show. When we get air dates we will let you know.

Sponsor Feature: S&S Turbine Services

ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

Sponsor Feature: The LeMay Family Collection Foundation

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LeMay Family Collection is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®

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God Bless and Protect our Troops