In this update: Armed Forces Day at the hangar.

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A beautiful sunny day in the Northwest on Armed Forces Day found a small group including Keith Zanghi, Cory Mitchell, Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle and Steve Rima, were at the hangar today working on the North American Eagle® and getting it prepared for this summer’s test sessions.


Armed Forces Day

Sammy on the job at Pedersen Machine


The Rima Family

Ed Shadle and Lars Pedersen working on trailer hydraulics


Keith Zanghi

Lars and Ed were once again working on the internal hydraulic crane in the race car transporter.  The guys have been working on gremlins for some time now.  If you know much about hydraulics, give Ed a call.  During the week Lars did some work at his machine shop in Longview.  He created some spacer plates for the Wilwood brakes.

Steve Rima was working on the steering system computer module.  Keith finished up welding the right hand mid-wheel fairings to keep dirt from accumulating in the recessed pockets.   Next week he will finish up the left hand side.  Cory did some updates on the electrical system.

In the upcoming week, Lars, Keith and Ed will be traveling to Longview WA to give a talk to the Olympic Elementary School 5th graders.  This will be the 2nd year in a row for the school.

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Dassault Leadership Team

Bernard Charlès and Phillip Forestier at COE

Mr. Charlès is the Vice Chairman , CEO and Mr. Forestier is the EVP, Global Affairs and Communities.  Dassault Systèmes is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle® providing CATIA design Software solutions, working closely with IDEX Solutions.  We have made numerous appearances at COE Conventions in Las Vegas and Orlando, along with The European CATIA Forum in Paris France.

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God Bless and Protect our Troops