In this update: Eric Wittler sets a new El Mirage Land Speed Record!

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Several of the North American Eagle® Team members were in El Mirage, CA helping Eric Wittler with his Suzuki 1000cc A/G Motorcycle.  Lars Pedersen, Keith Zanghi, Russ Powrie, Mo Strazi and Eric Wittler braved the hot California sun for the two day SCTA Meet.  Located about a two-hour drive North of Los Angeles, the Eagle tested there in 2006.

The week started on a down note on Monday when Eric’s number one engine blew up on the dyno scattering pieces throughout the shop!  He then drove to Livermore CA and picked up last years engine, and spent two hours rebuilding the transmission before heading home Tuesday night. Wednesday he removed the blown up engine and replaced it with the new (old) engine.  Thursday he got up and drove to El Mirage.  In racing, this is called a thrash!

On Saturday morning we found water in the fuel tank and things just didn’t sound right.  Eric entered the staging lanes late and initially planned a simple 150 mph shakedown run.  He chose the left side of the track and went all out!  When he took the helmet off he discovered he broke the old record with a 190.525 mph pass!  And the crowd went wild!

It was a great end to a terrible week:  A Cinderella story. Along the way, Eric gave interviews to the History Channel for over an hour and a half!  At the end of the day, the team celebrated in town.

190.525 MPH – New Land Speed Record!


This picture cannot be described in 1000 words!

Hilton El Mirage

Eric, Lars, Russ, and Mo rest on Sunday

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