In this Update:  Rear axle enclosure; Steering system; Radio communications; Semi tractor maintenance

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In the morning mist and later rain, Team NAE went to work: Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Brandyn Bayes, Chris Greene, Steve Rima, Rob Martinson, Chris Plass,  John Winchester, Andrew Kirk,  John Drury, and Keith Zanghi

The work on the rear axle fairing continued today.  Les and Chris Plass cut out mock up patterns for the fairing areas.  They were formed and fitted into place.  When the final design is acceptable it will be fabricated and installed. Today’s excercise was a brainstorming session,  designed to figure out how the sequence of assembly should take place. 

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Steve Rima , our newest member, went to work installing a dc converter forward of the cockpit. This will provide a direct power source with regulated voltage for the on board radio communication system.

With the redesign of the front wheel steering and suspension system pretty well complete, Ed and Rob spent some time balancing out the pressurized nitrogen cylinder and adjusting the steering response.



The semi tractor and trailer has been at the hangar awaiting some needed maintenance.  Ed drained some old steering fluid and went with some new stuff.  Team driver, John Drury will be driving the rig back to Spanaway Airport.

We are aware of some problems with signing on to our landspeed webpage.  The sign on is sometimes slow and erratic.  Brandyn is working with the web provider to correct the problem.  We are hoping that our landpseed fans will bear with us during our search for the evil gremlins.

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