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Today almost the entire team showed up at Sanderson Field in Shelton WA to perform an engine functional test.  The purpose is to make sure the engine starts up, goes in and out of afterburner, then successfully shuts down.  In addition the team is checking for any fuel or hydraulic leaks.  This is an important test prior to running the car in the desert.  Better to fix any problems at home than in 117 degree temperatures!

The S&S Turbine Services J-79 Turbojet worked flawlessly with a clean startup and full afterburner.  Different this time as Eric Wittler was sitting in the cockpit.  Ed Shadle, Les Holm and Cam Shadle ran Eric trough the engine startup and shutdown procedures.  Long distance awards go to Rich Pengelley driving up from Medford and Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie who flew up from Reno.

On hand were the folks from Pilgrim Productions (Producers of the original American Chopper, New American Chopper and Wicked Tuna among others) filming the test along with interviews with several members of the team.

Special thanks to Doug and Steve at Small & Sons Oil Distributing.  We also want to thank David Clark Headsets for a fresh set of batteries.  Nothing is more important than clear communications with a noisy jet engine.  It was a long day with the late start.  Most made it home around 11pm.  The crew did an outstanding job as always!  Thanks also to Von Armstrong and Steve Rima for today’s photos.   We will have a couple more updates on this engine test as there were some very good photographers onsite and a lot of great stories to tell!

On the job training with Eric Wittler

Lots of team members present for today’s engine test

A late afternoon start than normal

Always time for family photos



Fuel provided by Small & Sons Oil Distributing

Jason and Cory fueling the car

Start cart team of Chris Greene and Rich Pengelley

Ed tutoring his new student

Ed poses for History Channel Cameras

Engine running:  Ed and Cam communicating with Eric

David Clark Headsets

History Channel installing cockpit GoPros

Eric posing for History Channel Cameras

History Channel Interview Eric

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