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In this update: Hangar cleaning; Lenovo computers pave the way; Port of Shelton’s outstanding leadership.


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With most of the team taking a well deserved rest from the previous weekend engine test session, a small crew assembled to do some straightening up at the hanger. Larry Martinson, Sean Rondestvedt, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle spent the entire day sorting and sweeping, in preparation for next week when the team will unload the Eagle. On Thursday Bill Eckberg and Ed worked on a leaky hose fitting that was discovered during our engine test.



Larry and Keith did some maintenance on the engine trailer. A little bit of welding and touch up paint and it is as good as new!


Earlier in the week Ed moved the trailer using a tractor borrowed from Walrath Trucking in Parkland, WA. The water pump on our tractor went out  and luckily the good folks at Walrath Trucking came to the rescue and lent us their brand new Kenworth tractor! A special thanks to Kirk Waage and Tom Walrath Sr.


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Sponsor Highlight – Lenovo



It takes a lot of tools to break the world land speed record. Our tool cart built by Sam Yellowbird is so big that it rides on four pneumatic tires! Then we have custom made tools like the McVay Mobile Welding engine hoist for removing the S&S Turbines LM1500 turbojet.

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Another tool at our disposal is the Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad. They are used for everything from creating the update you are reading, to understanding the behavior of airflow around the NAE at 800mph. Our powerful D20 ThinkStations are loaded with an aeronautical engineer’s dreamlist of software: Dassault Systèmes CATIVA V5 R20 software, Geomagic Software, CFD Mesh generation software from Pointwise, a CFD Flow Solver from Metacomp Technologies, visualization software from CEI EnSight, and finally, we have IMS Software that can convert a computer model to a program that can create details on a CNC Milling Machine.

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When combined with a 3Dconnexion 3Dmouse, the Lenovo Professional Grade/C20 and D20 ThinkStations give Team NAE engineers and aerodynamicists a very powerful workstation.

Valerie Thompson and Jeff Senour News

This week is going to be exciting for Valerie and Jeff. This Thursday, May 17th @ 7:00 PM, CTS Rock Band and Mountain View High School orchestra, “Freedom Rock Experience” in surround sound concert is happening. Join Valerie and Jeff at the most awesome fundraiser you will ever see and become a part of something great! Tickets are on sale at the Mountain View bookstore at 408-472-6980.


L to R: Keith Zanghi, Valerie Thompson, and Jeff Senour

Another Thanks to the Port of Shelton!



We would like to thank again Port of Shelton Commissioner Jay Hupp and Executive Director John Dobson. They helped remove all the road blocks that made our test session last week a success.

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All photos on the NAE Home page were taken by Eric Wittler at – Thanks Eric!