In this update: Engine and tail cone installed; Parachute canisters

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A big turnout today to work on the North American Eagle® with Les Holm, Steve Rima, Ken Broyles, Jon Higley, Steve Wallace, Zac Hopkins, Kasey Puppe, Cory Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Patricia Woods, Keith Zanghi, David Martinson, and John Drury.  Working virtual this week were Brandyn Bayes, Chris Banks, Von Armstrong, and Eric Wittler.

Gil and Dave Wildeman

Visitors this week were Dave Wildeman and his dad Gil.  They live way up North in Alberta Canada and have been following the project for years. They wanted to see the Eagle up close.

It was an important day with the installation of the engine and tail cone back onto the North American Eagle®  After sustaining minor damage during our September 2018 test session, the engine had been removed to accommodate repairs and modifications to the vehicle for safety and reliability. You can read about those on the New for 2019 Season page

The day went really well with a clean installation of the engine. In June we will do an engine test to verify engine operations.  David Martinson finished welding the parachute canisters.  Next, we will weld on the mounting brackets, polish the exteriors, and get the interiors painted with Teflon paint. In the near future, we will be installing the new Sparco Harness onto the cockpit seat, and finish hooking up fuel and electrical connections.  We will also check the rear fairings and make the final electrical connections to the new steering system.  Special thanks to Zac Hopkins who prepared another fantastic lunch!

Engine staged to be installed

Engine installation tool (white gantry)

The tail cone moved into position

Tail cone reunited with the fuselage

Time-lapse video of engine installation

Jason Mitchell levels the Eagle so we can slide the engine into the car

The parachute canisters are now welded

Beautiful welds by David Martinson and Central Welding Supply

New Sparco 6-point harness to be installed in the near future

Zac prepares another great lunch

Zac had his mobile kitchen out, practicing for our speed runs

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle – Hydraulic Repair & Design

Ed always took time for kids

It was October 13, 2005, and another day in the life of Ed Shadle.  We had the Eagle on display at one of our then sponsors, Hydraulic Repair & Design in nearby Puyallup WA.  It was a big effort with the unloading of the car and assembling it into the full run configuration.  Employees and their families stopped by to take photos and get autographs from Ed.   One visitor that day was Bonneville land speed record holder and 300 mph club member, Tanis Hammond. She flew up in her helicopter.  You can read a story from a couple of years ago that even includes a photo of Tanis from that day.  It was a fun day.

Sean Rondestvedt and Von Armstrong assemble the Eagle

Ed Shadle and Steve Wallace assemble the rear axle

300 mph club member Tanis Hammond

Ed puts Tanis Hammond in the cockpit


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