In this update: A successful weekend  installing fire bottles, new bulkheads, fuel filters, and fuel sending units

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The weather turned good and so did the team turnouts today: Lars pedersen, Les and Garrett Holm, Keith Zanghi, Jason and Cory Mitchell, Dave Martinson, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, Sean Rondestvedt , Brandyn Bayes, Chris Banks, Zak Hopkins, Marty Jackson, Patricia Woods, Omar Chramosta, and Chris Greene.   A lot of progress was made this weekend with excellent work put in by everyone.

Chris Banks celebrates a birthday.  Most of the team has underwear older than him!

Mandy makes her first appearance

Brandyn brought along a best friend for a first-time visit.  Mandy, a beautiful rescue dog, made herself right at home.  Chris Banks and Brandyn have been working on the website. Most of their work goes undetected, which is a good thing!

Patricia Wood assembles the new hydraulic tools cart

Sometimes six hands are better than two

Patricia got right into assembling a new toolbox cart that came in many pieces.  It became our new hydraulic service box and was being loaded before the workday ended.

Steve Rima checks a fuel sending unit

Cory Mitchell verifies fuel pressure gauge is working

Steve Rima was at the workbench testing a sending unit for a fuel pressure gauge.  Cory Mitchell helped to determine the correct ohms required to make it work.  We found that our old one was giving erratic readings.  A new one will be here next week.

Tig Welder with new welding rod storage tubes

Something every welding shop should do

David wasted no time putting the new Powermax 30 XP through its paces

This new plasma cutter cuts through steel, aluminum, and stainless like butter

Dave Martinson and Zac Hopkins were busy in the weld shop this weekend.  First, they installed all of the new tig welding rod holders. Those really came out good as you can see by the photos.  Then they began checking out the new plasma cutter.  Thanks to Pacific Welding Supply, a Central Welding Company.

New bulkhead in place

Garrett Holm and Jason Mitchell installed the new bulkhead

Garrett Holm tightens the bolts on the new bulkhead stiffener

Garrett and Jason strengthened up the forward steering box by building a new bulkhead.  They had it finished and installed by lunch!

David Martinson cut a new stainless steel mounting plate for the fire bottles

Sean Rondestvedt fitted the brackets and installed the new fire bottles

A pair of 10 lb 3M 1230 Fire Suppression bottles installed

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle – 2005 Toledo WA Test Session


Ed after the very  first test run at Toledo WA, 2005

Von Armstrong and Ed Shadle

Tim Finley Photography

Barbara Drumheller popped the cork on the champagne

Tim Finley Photography

Ed Shadle pours the toasts for everyone

Tim Finley Photography

A great day as Ed Shadle celebrates with Keith Zanghi

Tim Finley Photography

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