In this update:  Front wheel maintenance;   Handling magnets with care

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Today Trish Wood, Les Holm, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Steve Rima, Eric Wittler, Omar Chramosta and a friend of Eric’s, Nathan Reisig.

As usual Lubbock HS graduate, Eddie Harris was causing trouble


Nathan Reisig enjoyed the day 

Andrew’s sister stopped by for a tour

Keith at work inspecting and cleaning up the front steering wheel

Eric Wittler and Steve Rima close to being injured

Trish and Les installing the front wheel

Les making final adjustment on front brake

Special guest this weekend was Andrew’s sister who stopped by to see what trouble her brother was getting into each week!  Most of the work this weekend was re-installing the front wheel.  We re-routed the front wheel hydraulics lines to better protect them.

Rare earth magnets are in a class all their own, as the name implies. Unlike other magnets, when they react with non-ferrous metals like the  aluminum rotors on the Eagle’s wheels, they create an efficient braking system. But when they come in unplanned  contact with a ferrous metal like steel, or with another magnet, the results can be extremely dangerous.  One magnet can attach itself to a piece of steel with 6000 lb of force.  Jerry Lamb calls them man killers!  Today, Eric Wittler took on the task of safely parting two of our demo magnets that did become one a few years back.  Soon joined by Steve Rima, Nathan, and a number 0f sideline kibitzers, the work came together…and the magnets came apart.  Separation anxiety was the general mood, but all ended well.  Les built two new wooden boxes to store them safely.

Eric Wittler took a trip to the desert to test out the new Playa Penetrometer™


Bonnie testing the new Playa Penetrometer™

Eric Wittler’s new trailer

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