In this update:  Planning session for this summer’s high speed tests and birthday boy turns 84!

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On a beautiful sunny Northwest day, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle,  Chris Green, Sean Rondestvedt, Jon Higley, Steve Rima, David Martinson, Von Armstrong, Omar Chramosta, Brandyn Bayes, Trish Wood, Keith Zanghi, Andrew Kirk and Cory Mitchell met once again to work on the North American Eagle®

Team Meeting

Les Holm and team assembled the Eagle for upcoming photo shoot

Cory and Lars inspect trailer hydraulics


Dan Hallenback and Joe Petersen with Steve Rima and Steve Wallace


Ed and Les held a meeting with the large group to go over our upcoming test session this summer.  Update on  our permits and logistics were at the top of the list while team members checked their vacation schedules to support.   Afterwards the the team assembled the car to race car configuration in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot for Qatar Airlines.  They will feature the Eagle and a story in an upcoming issue of Oryx Magazine, the Qatar Airlines in flight magazine seen by over 3 million travelers each week.  When the issue comes out we will link to it.

Tugboat Comanche

Visiting today were Joe Petersen and  Dan Hallenback.  Both are volunteers on a team that maintains and keeps seaworthy the tugboat Comanche, currently moored at the Tyee Marina in Tacoma.  She moves about from time to time visiting ports around the South Sound including Gig Harbor, Olympia, Port Townsend and Port Angeles.  Joe is the Director of Operations and Dan (they call him Mr Fixit) Hallenback kept him company on today’s tour of the Eagle.

Omar Chramosta turns 84 years young with Don Mitchell

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