In this update: Planning ahead; taking on the todo list; dressing up our fire/rescue unit

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The rain stayed away and Team NAE came to work this Saturday: Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Cory Mitchell, Jon Higley, Patricia Wood, Steve Rima, Zac Hopkins, Sam Yellowbird, Rich Pengelley, Larry Martinson, and Chris Greene.


Rich Pengelley visited us today

Von Armstrong checks on lunch with Zac Hopkins

Rich Pengelley was in town and visited the shop.  A former Boeing flight line mechanic, Rich is an expert on the start cart and assists Chris Greene and Jason Mitchell during startup operations.  Zac outdid himself again today, setting his cookware up and producing a spaghetti meal with awesome sauce and garlic bread sticks.  It was hard to wait for but well worth it.

Chris Greene making decals in the computer and cutting them out on the plotter / cutter

Zac Hopkins and Keith Zanghi applying decals

Chris Greene printed out some decal lettering that will dress up our new fire/rescue unit and finished up lettering our new Hydraulic Mobile Cart.  As you can see in the photos we are moving the “Fire / Rescue” to the white stripe.  As soon as we can figure out how to remove those thick old reflective decals we’ll put up a cool graphic of the Eagle.  Patricia Wood donated an old precision camera travel box.  Steve Rima claimed it and is using it to store our HAM Radio and Repeater equipment.


We recently upgraded the onboard fire extinguisher system with two new 10 lb bottles containing 3M 1230 fire suppression agent.  Les Holm got the brackets installed.  In our next meeting,  we will install the actuation pull cables in the cockpit.

He also finished installing an additional bracket on the fuel filter.  In the coming weeks we have quite a bit of TIG welding to do for the fuel lines.  A lot of work to do, but we’re slowly knocking off our todo list.

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle – Loading the car

Ed operates the internal bridge crane used to bring the car into the trailer

Up until the very last year, the only one that knew how to operate the internal bridge crane was Ed.  It wasn’t because no one wanted to learn, but because it was one of those jobs Ed started doing and….well whenever we loaded the car we called Ed!  Ironically before Ed got sick he passed the duties onto Keith.  Maybe he had a premonition or maybe it was a good idea for someone else to learn.  At our last test session in September 2018, we kept looking for Ed when it came to unload and load the car, but he never showed.


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