In this update: Hydraulic door installed; Fuel filter mount fabricated; Sparks were flying in the welding  area

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Today Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Patricia Wood, Keith Zanghi, Steve Rima, Zac Hopkins, Cory Mitchell, David Martinson, and Omar Chramosta, filled out their volunteer time cards and made ready for work.  Our beautiful fall weather is back  today with blue skies and  warming temps.  The team took  on multiple tasks as we continue with several on-going projects.

Zac Hopkins and David Martinson test fit the new welding rod rack

David Martinson welding some new storage racks

Zac and David teaming together

New mountings have been painted and will be installed next weekend

Tubes to hold TIG welding rods were painted black

David and Zac were busy in the new welding area, cutting steel for welding rod holders and checking out David’s new welding helmet.  Next week they will assemble and label all the new parts.  Lars machined a mounting for the fuel filter, and Cory was in the belly of the beast figuring out where and how to mount it.  Lars will return to his machine shop and have it ready by next weekend.

Hydraulics door is now ready for paint

Eddie Harris will paint the match for the Eagle onto the new door

Les has been working to complete the new fuselage door panel, including fabricating a new hinge and riveting it in place.  Today final rivets were installed and the door is ready for paint.  In the next couple of weeks we will have the red and black painted, then the talented artist Eddie Harris will complete the Eagle artwork.  Lars and Cory did some fit checking of the new fuel filter mountings.   Cory removed some un-needed brackets in the front steering box bulkhead.  We are also strengthening the bulkhead, so Keith cut out new parts for that job. Perhaps next weekend we will install it.


Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle

Ed works on the parachute system.  Photo was taken on September 16, 2017

Ed wore many hats on the team.  One hat that was exclusive to Ed was that of the parachute system.  If there are issues with the electrical system, we get Steve Rima or Steve Wallace involved.  If something needs to be machined, we call on Lars Pedersen. When it’s time to buckle in the driver, Cam Shadle takes over, but when it came to working on the parachute deployment system, we always called on Ed.  Many years ago, Ed recruited another Ed for the team…Ed Drumheller II.  Ed Two, as we called him, developed our parachute protocol and it was Ed One who brought him on to the team.  Sadly, both Eds have passed on, doing what they loved to do…and doing it so very well.  Today they are making spin recovery chutes for newly made guardian angels who just got their wings.

Ed Shadle and Ed Drumheller II is better known to the team as Ed 1 and Ed 2

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