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Spring has finally sprung and Team NAE went to work in beautiful weather this Saturday work party:  Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Patricia Wood, Keith Zanghi, Cory and Don Mitchell, Omar Chramosta, Sam Yellowbird, Larry Martinson, Steve Wallace, Zac Hopkins,  Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, David Martinson, and Sean Rondestvedt.   Working virtual this week was Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks.

Ethan checks out the new ambulance

In a couple of years, Ethan will be driving the Fire / Rescue Vehicle

Zac Hopkins and his daughter Alana

Alana doing the dirty work of cleaning welding rods

Zac preparing stir fry and spring rolls *****5 Star Review

David Martinson modifies the WARN Industries winch mount

Zac came today with his lovely young daughter, Alana, who went right to work with Patricia, cleaning each of the countless numbers of welding rods. David was busy welding up the trailer mount for the new WARN winch.  Steve Wallace and Steve Rima were busy testing a new fuel filter sensor.

A perfect color match!

The shop is now filled up!

All hands took the tour of our newly acquired ambulance. Now the work begins; customizing it to be useful in many areas of our test sessions.  Today we had to move vehicles around from the rear shop area to make room for it to be moved inside and out of the weather.  This new acquisition will help keep our team safe and provide a central mobile facility in the event medical care is needed.

We also picked up some new volunteers on the project.  All are in the medical industry and will add great value to the team.  We welcome Loren Davis, Domenic Bier, Petra Bier, and Simon Edmonds.  We’ll put their bios up shortly.   They will be working closely with our other Fire / Rescue team of Von Armstrong, Sean Rondestvedt, David Bryant, Rob Martinson, and Eric Helpenstell.

The two Steves were doing circuitry testing for the fuel filter

Jessi Combs and Eric Wittler at the Women n’ Wheels Forum

Eric and Jessi at the Real Deal Booth

Jessi Combs, Eric Wittler and Dani Vierra

Jessi was part of an all Women ‘n Wheels Panel

Lyn St. James, Jessi Combs, Tegan Hammond, Bogi Lateiner, Tina Smith, and Karen Salvaggio

Jessi teaching other women how to weld

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle – 2009 Redding Air Show

Redding Air Show 2009

Ed gets some help with Sean Rondestvedt, John Drury and Rob Martinson

AV-8B Harrier Pilot Mike Gough

Ed talks to AV -8B Marine Pilot Mike Gough

Ready to go home!

Rob Martinson, Jon Higley, Ed Shadle, Sean Rondestvedt, Von Armstrong, and Steve Wallace

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